Vance Joy Q&A In The ALT 103.7 Performance Showroom

May 4, 2018

Vance Joy recently performed live for ALT 103.7 listeners live in our ALT 103.7 Showroom. Before the show, ALT 103.7's Jenn Marino asked Vance some fan-submitted questions. 

Jenn first asked about the Vance Joy Turtle Tote, which can be purchased on his website right HERE, and why it was so important for the singer to support the Billion Baby Turtle Campaign, which supports community-based sea turtle nesting beach conservation projects around the world.

"I always have loved turtles. Since I was a little kid. I mean I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and then I also just loved real turtles...Basically, it's just a way of having a really cool piece of merchandise, which was like this tote bag. But we give a certain percentage to these people that protect the little turtles," Vance responded.

The two then talked about what it was like for Vance to play the Coachella stage. "Before you walk out on that stage, it's five minutes before you play, and you walk out there and if you get a glimpse there's like three people," Vance said.

Adding, "People only turn up just when you start playing, and during your set...but it was great. And when we walked out there the crowd grew and grew. It was cool."

Vance and Jenn then discussed his new tour. "Tour has been great. We're playing a new show, so we have a bunch of new songs to share with people, and also we've got a new production." Vance said. "It's slightly more professional."

Check out the complete interview where Jenn and Vance talk everything from Sea Turtles to what book he is currently reading in the video above.