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(Video) College Student Fills Pothole With Lucky Charms. Eats It.

March 23, 2018

"I knew it was a good idea and people would get a good laugh."

That was the all the inspiration an Eastern Michigan University student named Andrew (who declined to give his last name) needed to perform this little "stunt."  Michigan's roads are notorious for their potholes, and Andrew is a big fan of Lucky Charms cereal, so why not combine the two?  Andrew found a big enough pothole, and poured an entire box of the breakfast cereal into it.  Then he ate it.  

Andrew insisted that this act was nothing more than an attempt to make people laugh, and not a slight at the government for the state's overabundance of potholes.  He told MLive, "I didn't really do this to protest against my government.  I don't think they are doing the best job with the potholes but they will be there no matter what, so why not have a laugh with them?"

And as for the taste?  Andrew said, "It tasted great.  If I was blindfolded I wouldn't know if it was a pothole or a bowl."

Keep doing you, Andrew.

Via MLive