Scraping Ice

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[VIDEO] Dad Uses Son To Scrape Snow Off Of His Car

January 31, 2019

That polar vortex is hitting the Midwest pretty hard right now. They’re experiencing record-breaking temperatures and snowfall. 

We don’t exactly have the same problems as our neighbors to the north. Here in Texas, we’re expected to be in the ’60s over the weekend. We really have no idea how to deal with extreme snowfall here in the south. 

None of us in North Texas can drive in the snow, there even a few people out there who aren’t smart enough to know what happens when you pour hot water over your windshield. Don't bother counting on someone owning an ice scraper. When's the last time you used it anyway?  

Just because the snow isn't stopping, doesn’t mean people aren't going to leave the house. On Tuesday, a video started going viral after one dad in Monclova, Ohio got creative and instead of going inside to grab the ice scraper, he decided to use his son. 

According to the video's description, the dad was asked by his wife to clean off the cars while he and his son were out playing in the snow. 

“Next thing I know, my husband is yelling into the house asking if we have any duct tape. I meet him at the door with the tape only to find that he is planning to wrap it around my son’s wrists, ankles, and waist so the snow couldn’t get in. I then recorded this video of my husband using our son to push off all the snow. My son had such a blast!”

Whatever gets the job done right? Check out the hilarious clip below. 

Via: Time