[Video] Man Rides On Motorcycle With Wife And Child Without Noticing It’s On Fire

Police Caught Up To The Family, And Saved Them Before Anyone Was Harmed

April 19, 2019

Motorcycles are already dangerous enough, but a motorcycle on fire, that’s taking it to a new level. A family was recently saved by police, as they drove down a highway unaware their motorcycle was on fire.

This incident took place on a highway in Utter Pradesh, India. The motorcycle was being driven by a man, with his wife and child on the back. As he flew down the highway, at some point his motorcycle caught on fire, but the man didn’t notice, as he was on “a busy highway.”

The fire can be seen coming from the bottom of the bike, just under the woman’s feet. According to police, “The fire could have spread further leading the engines to explode or the saree of the woman could have caught the fire leading to a serious accident.”

Luckily after the man pulled over, they were able to contain the fire, and no one was injured. Apparently the bike wasn’t too damaged either, as after being warned by police the family got back on the motorcycle and rode away.

Via New York Post