Lion Cub At The Dallas Zoo Was Used To Help Make ‘The Lion King’

Video Of Bahati, A Lion Cub, Was Used To Design Simba’s Movements

July 20, 2019

‘The Lion King’ has officially hit theaters, and as the world falls in love with Simba all over again, they should know his movements and mannerisms are all thanks to a lion at the Dallas Zoo. Bahati, the lion cub living at the Dallas Zoo was just a month old when video of the lion was given to filmmakers to craft Simba’s actions.

During the early stages of Disney’s live-action remake of ‘The Lion King,’ filmmakers were using videos of real animals to design the look of the characters. Videos of Bahati, the lion cub at the Dallas Zoo were used for Simba in particular. The animators used the video to learn a young lion’s movements to make Simba look more natural.

According to carnivore supervisor Lora Baumhardt, “Bahati is one of the most famous lions in the country. We had our phones on us at all times. We were able to capture moments of her nursing, the first time she ate meat, to walking and running and climbing, even drinking out of water bowls, and stumbling over logs and going through doorways."

The Dallas Zoo documented Bahati for a week to capture all its movements and mannerisms. They say it was the first time they’ve helped with a motion picture. Though no longer a lion cub, Bahati is still living at the Dallas Zoo.

Via Fox 4 News