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Video Of Lion Watching Sunrise Goes Viral

June 14, 2018

This week, a video of a male lion named Smokey sitting and watching the sunrise has gone viral.  

The 10 year old big cat lives in the wildlife reserve GG Conservation in South Aftrica.  Director at GG Lions Non-Profit Company Suzanne Scott is the person who shot the video.  

“Smokey is a very charismatic lion, whose human best friend is our lions’ manager Thulani, known as Mike,” she told Reuters. “He loves to get head rubs from him.”  The video has gained around 12 million views and over 300K shares.

Scott admitted that she was surprised at how popular the video has become.  “We are still intrigued as to why everyone loved it so much. Maybe it’s the peace that people need in their busy lives.”

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