Bull Moose

Photo By: Dreamstime

[VIDEO] Moose Charges Toward Skiers At A Colorado Resort

January 22, 2019

Maybe don’t get so close to a wild animal next time? 

Over in Colorado, there is an abundance of wildlife. They have mountain lions, bears, and chipmunks. One lady found out that not every moose is friendly. 

While skiing and snowboarding at a resort in Breckenridge, Colorado a woman posted a video of her encounter with a moose. The video she posted starts out fine, she’s a safe distance from the moose and can see him walking around. At one point the moose starts running toward the woman and her friends. 

Luckily no one was hurt and those near the animal managed to get away on their skis and snowboard. 

CEO of the resort John Buhler says that his employees try to prevent guests from approaching any animals in the area. The moose was identified as a large bull moose, which can be very territorial and can become aggressive when threatened. 

You won’t mess with a moose after seeing this video, check it out below. 

Via: New York Post