Toddler with a Basketball

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[VIDEO] This 2-Year-Old Went Viral For Making Baskets Behind His Head

December 22, 2018

Making a 3-point shot on the basketball court is hard enough, but making one behind your head takes some skill or just plain luck. 

This family’s 2-year-old son will probably end up in the NBA one day. A video of their son consistently making baskets has gone viral. This kid isn’t just shooting the ball; he’s making them behind his head, without even looking at the goal.

2-year-old Elijah might only be using the Playskool hoop, but it’s still pretty impressive. His mom Kelsey Bender told Good Morning America that she was just taking a video for Snapchat when Elijah made a shot. "I was recording on Snapchat...and he just did it. I was like, 'that's crazy, that's never going to happen again.'"

Little did Kelsey know that Elijah would make four more baskets behind his head while being recorded.“He did it the other day and I said, 'Come on man, let me know so I could get my phone out.'" Check out the video below of Elijah making some crazy shots. He keeps his eye's on the camera the whole time, doesn't even give the hoop a glance. 

Elijah recently turned 2 on December 13th, his grandparents gave him a basketball hoop as a gift and he’s loved playing basketball ever since. 

Might want to keep working on your hook shot if you want to keep up with Elijah. At this rate, he'll be headed to the NBA sooner than we think. 

Via: ABC News