"Bigfoot Erotica" Is Trending On Social Media...Here's Why

July 30, 2018

We just can't make this stuff up!!!!!!!

Believe it or not but "Bigfoot erotica" is currently trending on the intrawebs? Why? Because one Congressional race in Virginia is getting out of hand.

It's Democratic candidate Leslie Cockburn VS Republican candidate Denver Riggleman. Like most candidates running against each other, there is mud slinging. However, things took a weird turn when Cockburn accused Riggleman of having a sexual thing for Bigfoot. She even went as far as to post a hand-drawn censored Bigfoot pic on social media to make her point.

Well, ok then.

Now, we know you're all wondering if "Bigfoot erotica" is a real thing. The answer is...YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We found a series of book for sale on Amazon. Click HERE to see!