Deaf Baby, Hearing Aid

(Photo via Dreamstime)

Watch The Emotional Moment A Baby Hears For The First Time Thanks To A Fort Worth Hospital

June 20, 2018

Ok, we dare you not to cry while watching this video.

The Esler family is from Amarillo, but they found their way to Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth all for their little girl, Aya.  The 1-year-old was born deaf, but a procedure involving planting a cochlear implant would potentially allow her to hear for the first time.

Well the surgery was a success, and luckily the cameras were rolling capturing the adorable moment Aya heard sound for the first time. If you can't handle her little arms waving after reacting to the sound or her gigantic smile, then you definitely won't handle her mother becoming incredibly emotional watching her baby hear for the first time.

And we're crying again.