Whataburger Restaurant

Photo Credit: Todd Yates/Caller-Times file

Go Back To School With All This Whataburger Gear

August 18, 2019

Its that time of the year again, when the kids go back to school. You may have already done your back to school shopping, but your kid will come home on the first day telling you some of the stuff they still need. 

Luckily your favorite fast-food burger joint has your back. Whataburger has released a line of back to school gear; backpacks, lunch boxes, you name it the got it. 

For all your cosmetic needs or maybe you need to store those pencils and markers somewhere. Good thing there’s the Whataburger cosmetic bag

Already running low on pens? You’ll never forget these fancy Whataburger pens

Does your phone battery die after lunch? Charge it up with the Whataburger phone charger

Do you know what’s cooler than having Whataburger for lunch? Storing it all in your Whataburger lunch box

Play your music as loud as you want with the Whataburger zipper earbuds.  

Finally, how could you go back to school without a backpack? The Whataburger fry backpack is perfect for any Whataburger fan. 

Via: KENS 5