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Woman In Australia Asks Facebook To Help Get Rid Of A Giant Spider

July 31, 2019

If your friend asked you to get rid a spider would you do it? How about if it was the size of your hand? 

A woman in Australia took to Facebook and asked for advice about how to get rid of the giant spider that she found in her home. She posted a picture of the spider with the caption “Is there anyone that could remove this from my house?? Now!???”

She explained in the comments that the spider in question was about the size of your hand. “When I went near it with the phone light, it came at me raising it fangs and legs. hell nahhhh!”

The size of this spider is a good enough reason to just buy a new house altogether. She later edited her Facebook post and wrote that she some how manged to get rid of the spider safely. How she got rid of it we may never know.