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Woman Completes Nearly 4,000 Mile Journey Rollerblading Across The Country

Janice Ho Took Seven Months To Complete Her Journey

November 11, 2018

A young woman, who planned to rollerblade across the entire country, has completed her goal after seven months. Yanise Ho, a 23 year old from Hong Kong wanted to do something different to gain attention. She decided the best way to do that was to travel across the country on rollerblade.

Yanise Ho’s journey started in Miami, and made her way across the country while relying on the kindness of others to keep her going. While she did not travel with any money, according to Ho, “Every day I was hosted. I was fed. I just met so many great families." Thanks to those who helped her, Yanise Ho was able to make it across the country only traveling by rollerblade.

Yanise Ho faced many battles along the way. Her trip was never supposed to be easy, but dealing with severe heat, heavy rains and fierce winds didn’t make anything easy on her. Still, she fought through it all determined to complete her goal.

Many would ask why someone would want to do this; rollerblading across the country. While some may think it was for media attention, according to Yanise Ho, she did it to challenge women, and prove they can do anything. She wanted to prove just because someone is female, doesn’t mean they are weaker, or more likely to be involved in a dangerous situation.

The main goal of this journey was to raise awareness for the nonprofit ‘One Girl Can.’ They work to fund secondary scholarships for girls in need, in the name of gender equality. “The name itself represents female empowerment. That one girl can achieve more than what society predicts us to be able to do,” said Yanice Ho of her journey. While it was difficult, her task is now complete, as thanks to support from others, and a great cause to keep her going, Yanise Ho has official rollerbladed across the country.

Via Inside Edition