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Group Of Men Duped By Woman On Tinder Into Massive Live Dating Competition

August 21, 2018

It all started with an innocent swipe right on Tinder, as most love connections these days do.

Twitter user @bvdhai matched with an attractive woman on the dating app.  She didn't have a bio posted on her profile, but @bvdhai felt the whole situation was "fairly innocuous" so he struck up a conversation.  They chatted for an hour, and arranged to meet a few weeks later, after she was done with a current work project.

@bvdhai thought he would never hear from her again, but much to his amazement, he did.  They arranged to meet at Union Square in New York, where it looked like some sort of concert was set to take place.  A large crowd of men had gathered. @bvdhai's instructions were to wait for her by the stage.  He held back, and waited to see if he could see her first.  Well he did see her first, and watched her make her way to the stage while surrounded by what @bvdhai described as "100 people and some bodyguards."

Then the bomb was dropped.

Apparently, this woman, Natasha Aponte, had matched up with every dude surrounding the stage at Union Square, inviting them all there for the chance to take her on a date!  @bvdhai found out that she texted every single dude the same exact thing, instructing them to meet her by the stage at Union Square.

 Afterwards, Aponte held a "Dating Hunger Games" competition, instructing the potential daters to run sprints, do push ups, and basically make fools out of themselves all for the chance to take her out.

Soon after his story went viral, other guys reached out to @bvdhai with the same exact story of matching with Natasha Aponte.

Be sure to read the entire thread!  It's amazing!  

Via CBS News