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Woman Goes Manic At The Gym, Smashes Treadmill With A Barbell And Throws Weights At The Wall

June 7, 2018

We understand cardio day isn't everyone's favorite at the gym, but we can guarantee you don't hate it as much as this woman.

She was captured inside the Good-Life Liberty Village Gym in Toronto taking out all of her frustration on a treadmill, smashing the thing with a barbell.  As if it was part of her routine, she casually walks over to the free weights to do some bicep curls.  As if she didn't just smash a treadmill with a barbell.  When she's confronted by a gym employee, she proceeds to chuck weight after weight at the wall.

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Finally, she leaves with the assist from a couple of gym regulars, but not before smashing one final window on her way out.  Reports indicate the woman was arrested for her rampage.

Via NY Post