Contact Lens, Eye

Woman Has Contact Stuck In Eye For 28 Years

August 16, 2018

A 42-year-old British woman visited her doctor after her left eyelid felt painful and was swollen a little bit.  The doctor finds its a cyst, and goes in to remove the beast.  As he's operating, inside the blister, the doctor found something....else.   

28 years ago, when the British woman was 14-years-old, she was hit in the left eye with a shuttlecock while playing badminton.  At the time, she wore hard, rigid contacts, and she thought, at the time, her contact was knocked out by the shuttlecock.  They couldn't find the missing lens after the accident, so they assumed it was gone forever.

Nope.  It was not gone.

28 years later, doctors pulled out the rigid contact from the blister just under her left eyelid, and found the almost perfectly intact contact.  In the process of removing it, the lens chipped and cracked a little.

After the accident, the woman never wore those types of contacts again, and after it was removed, her most recent problems subsided.  Lasik doesn't sound so bad right about now, huh?