Swimming Lessons

"World's Largest Swim Lesson" Hopes To Reduce Child Drownings

June 21, 2018

Summer officially starts today, and while many of us keep cool by swimming, we've already seen children in North Texas drown in pools this year. 

An estimated eighty seven percent of drowning deaths in Texas this year so far have been kids 9 years old and younger. 

In an effort to change that, today several YMCA locations are hosting the "World's Largest Swimming Lesson." Around the country and the world, swim lessons are being offered for kids of all ages to help them perfect those basic skills.

Officials say it's crucial for kids to learn at a young age to be comfortable in the water. The earlier they learn basic swimming skills, the less likely they are to drown. 

It's completely free to participate in the World's Largest Swim Lesson today, and several YMCA locations in North Texas are taking part. 

ONLINE: YMCA Swim Lesson locations in North Texas