Will The City Of Wylie Soon Allow Chickens In Backyards?

July 6, 2018

NBC 5 reports Wylie resident Celia Lemons saying she wasn't aware the city of Wylie doesn't allow people to have chickens, while the law prohibiting such has been in place since 1987.

Lemons and her family bought 5 chickens in February, built a chicken coop for them, have grown quite fond of their feathered friends, especially the fresh eggs.

Now, Celia is circulating a petition, which has over 300 signatures on-line and approx. 50 more on paper, to change the no-chickens ordinance.

Lemons says she has 48 hours to find her chickens a new home and "My son (Liam) cried and yelled and said, 'Don't let them take them."

Currently, neighboring Sachse allows residents to have chickens. Plus, in Murphy, up to 3 hens (no roosters) are allowed, and Frisco permits up to 12 (no roosters). 

Wylie city council tentatively plan to discuss the matter at it's July 24th meeting.