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Whataburger Restaurant

Go Back To School With All This Whataburger Gear

Its that time of the year again, when the kids go back to school. You may have already done your back to school shopping, but your kid will come home on the first day telling you some of the stuff they still need. Luckily your favorite fast-food burger joint has your back. Whataburger has released... Read More

See How Madonna Celebrated her 61st Birthday!

Madonna celebrated another year of life yesterday and went to social media to share with her fans about her whereabouts. If you think that they care what people say about 61 and celebrating, wearing and jumping like a teen, You have a problem, she is not, she is living life as it was a dream... Read More
Hammerhead shark

Hammerhead Shark Snatches Tarpon From Captains Hands

Captain Rob Gorta from Florida shares authentic footage of a 14-foot hammerhead shark attacking a whopping tarpon. Video of Giant Hammerhead Shark attack! The attack happened as he was trying to release the fish for one of his clients. “It was an intense moment for sure,” the captain explains. “He... Read More