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Stouffers Announces New ‘Mac On Tap’ Mac And Cheese Dispenser

Every once in a while a new innovation is introduced to the world that changes civilization for the better. While usually these come in the form of technology, medicine or science the latest example is all about food. Mac and cheese lovers everywhere were floored this week as Stouffers introduced... Read More

Drive-In Haunted House In Japan Goes Viral

With businesses beginning to reopen, some industries are learning they may need to make major changes in order for customers to feel safe. For a haunted house in Japan, that meant closing their doors and taking the fear to the streets. Their new drive-in haunted house has gone viral, as some say... Read More

Practical Tips To Avoid Getting Bit By Mosquitoes This Summer

There are plenty of theories as to why mosquitoes bite some people more than others. However, when summer comes each year, mosquito bites seem unavoidable for most. For those that can’t stop being bit, research has found some practical tips to avoid mosquitoes this summer. Read More