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Multiple Texas Cities Make List Ranking The Best Cities To Drive In

As any driver knows, it’s very easy to get frustrated on the road, especially when other drivers are involved. Regardless of location, people across the country deal with road rage at varying levels. While drivers in Texas are no different, according to a research some cities in the lone Star state... Read More

Woman Has Four Foot Snake Removed From Her Throat

The internet is full of shocking videos, and while it may seem like by now most have seen it all, the viral videos somehow keep getting more and more stunning. The latest example of this comes from a recent viral video that shows a snake being removed from a woman’s throat. As seen in the video,... Read More

‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Cast To Reunite On HBO Max

Yet another classic television series form the 90’s is set to have a reunion special thanks to HBO Max. It was announced recently that the cast of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ will reunite for a special in honor of the 30th anniversary of the show’s debut. The special will include music, dancing... Read More

Nicolas Cage To Star In New Amazon Series As A Vodka-Loving Dragon

Nicolas Cage has portrayed many roles with strange descriptions throughout his career. Some are more successful than others, but the actor has become known for these odd films. However, his latest role may be the strangest of them all, as Cage is set to voice the character of a vodka-loving dragon... Read More

CoolHaus Ice Cream Collaborates With Ritz Crackers For New Flavor

Not all foods are meant to be mixed, but there are some combinations that just seem to work. While some may think salty and sweet snack would clash, the mixture of the two is as close to perfection as it gets. Now, two fan favorites of the respective flavors have collaborated to create a new snack... Read More

New Study Reveals Taking Naps Longer Than An Hour Is Bad For Health

For many people, taking a nap during the day is crucial for productivity. While some may have trouble working after waking up from their snooze, others get the perfect amount of rest and energy to push them through the rest of the day. There are arguments on both sides for the benefits of napping,... Read More