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Study Shows Men’s Beards Protect Against A Punch To The Face

There are many reasons for a man to grow out their beard. Some do it for looks, others do it out of laziness, but apparently beards have another purpose for being on a man’s face. A recent study revealed that full beards may have evolved to help men absorb punches to the face. Big manly beards... Read More

Ice Cube Claims He Was Once In A Celebrity Feud With Mr. Rogers

Celebrity feuds happen quite often, but usually they are created through some form of industry rivalry. However, as a former feud recently discussed by Ice Cube shows, you never know who is going to get upset about something. According to the rapper, Mr. Rogers once came after him for using the... Read More
Take Texas Forward

Take Texas Forward

The people of North Texas, the businesses, the leaders, the attitude to Take Texas Forward! Tell us about those you feel deserve recognition. Submit your entry through the form below or call 214-525-7123 . Share your story on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter by using hashtag #TakeTexasForward. Read More

Damon Albarn Performs Alongside Gorillaz Cartoon Counterpart

The virtual band, The Gorillaz, can be very difficult to explain for those that aren’t already fans. The band was created by Damon Albarn, working with musical and visual collaborators, but the cartoon band lives in its own world, separate from the voices and music behind them. However, fans of The... Read More