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Family Taking Photos Of Abbey Road

Family Recreates Queen Album Cover As Their Family Portrait

Sometimes you just have to get creative with your family portraits; you don’t want to look like your friends family who took their family portrait in all blue. A photographer has been taking this family’s photos for years and decided to share their creativity with everyone. Apparently, they love... Read More

Nicolas Cage Shows Up To Movie Premiere Looking Unrecognizable

Over the year, Nicolas Cage has become one of the most recognizable stars in the movie industry. However, when the 55-year-old actor showed up to the premiere of his new movie, he had a totally new look no one was expecting. Cage walked the red carpet for his new film, ‘Running With The Devil,’... Read More

NBC Wants To Reboot ‘The Office’ For New Streaming Service

NBC dropped some major television news yesterday with the announcement of their new streaming service, and the classic shows they plan to reboot for it. While ‘Saved By The Bell,’ ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and ‘Punky Brewster’ will all be brought back for new episodes, there’s one more classic show... Read More

KFC Introduces Chicken Sandwich With Donut Buns To Menu

KFC has officially entered the chicken sandwich wars, and while they may be late to the party, they may have just ended the war with their new item. The fried chicken fast food chain announced on Tuesday they will be introducing a fried chicken sandwich with donuts as buns to their menu. While the... Read More

411 Pound Wild Hog Spotted And Captured At Texas Golf Course

When a wild animal is spotted on a golf course, players usually just ignore it and continue playing. However, when that animal is 400 pounds, it’s difficult to ignore. A 411 pound wild hog was spotted on a Texas golf course last week. Luckily it was trapped and removed before anyone was hurt by the... Read More

Watch This Star Wars Heavy Metal Band Cover The Imperial March

You’ve heard the Imperial March before but never like this. Check out this video of the Star Wars heavy metal band Galactic Empire playing a cover of the iconic Imperial March. The band performs entirely decked out in Star Wars costumes and features Darth Vader, Boba Fett, two Stormtroopers, and an... Read More
Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns Recreate The Intro To ‘Friends’

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the hit show ‘Friends’. Everybody’s celebrating by hanging out and taking pictures with the iconic orange couch, including the Cleveland Browns. The Team is currently celebrating their first win of the season; the Browns have also gone viral. Members Jarvis... Read More