2018 Billboard Music Awards

VIDEO: Can Luckey Eat A Raw Onion In 90 Seconds?

We challenged our ALT 103.7's Luckey to see if he could eat an entire raw onion in 90 seconds.
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Little Girl Demands "$#@&*% Donuts," Really Means Dunkin' Donuts

Baby's first cuss word is every parent's nightmare. You never know when or where it's going to drop (more than likely, in public), nor do you know what select word it will be. Of course you hope and pray it's not the big one...the fateful F word, but there's always a chance it could happen.
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BTS Backstage at Billboard Music Award

EXCLUSIVE: Hey, Bishop Briggs! Here's BTS' Skincare Regimen

The K-pop stars sat down to explain how they keep their skin lookin' so fresh.
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Amazon Alexa

Here's How You Can Listen To Everything Amazon's Alexa Has Been Recording In Your Home

Technology is a funny thing. Everybody loves it until something bad happens...like it starts recording your conversations.
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