37 Days Of Christmas Wishes

ALT 103.7 is granting Christmas wishes. Need or Greed. Selfishly for you or selflessly for somebody you know.

You wish it and ALT 103.7 will make it come true.

Check out all the wishes we have granted so far below.

37 Days Of Christmas: Callie Barge Wishes For A 7-Day Squeezed Online Juice Cleanse

Callie Barge is a new mom who really wanted a jump start on her health after having a baby. She wished for a 7-Day Squeezed Online juice cleanse, and our incredible friends at Squeezed made Callie's wish come true! Now, she can start feeling good about herself again.
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37 Days Of Christmas: Lisa Wishes For Help Making Her Parents Christmas Amazing

Lisa Joshi's father was robbed at work, and he was shot multiple times. Thankfully, he survived it. Lisa's wish was to help her parents with gifts and Christmas dinner this year. ALT 103.7 granted her wish with a 12-person catered dinner from Whole Foods and a $1000 Visa gift card.
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37 Days Of Christmas: Harley Wishes For A New Fridge

Harley Williams wanted to help her family this holiday season. A few weeks ago, their refrigerator went on the fritz and they have been living from ice chests since then. Can you imagine how hard it would be to refill ice every day just to keep your groceries from perishing? ALT 103.7 granted...
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37 Days Of Christmas: Chancellor Wishes To Show His Wife How Much He Loves Her

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and Chancellor Nichols was seriously injured in a motorcycle wreck. He's so thankful his wife Alyssa was able to take care of him as he recovered, and he hoped to show her his gratitude. ALT 103.7 gave Chancellor $300 for Alyssa to have a relaxing spa day and a $300...
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37 Days Of Christmas: Zach Wishes For Free Gas For A Year

Zach Church admittedly wished for something greedy... free gas for a year. We crunched some numbers and realized it would be approximately $2600 to cover it. Then we broke the news to Zach. His reaction is priceless!
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37 Days Of Christmas: Matthew Wishes For Help With College

We love all the college students who listen to ALT 103.7 so we wanted to show our appreciation to Matthew Sayegh. He's currently studying to take the bar a second time, and he's surviving on Taco Bell and ALT 103.7 music. We decided to hook Matthew up with JBL noise-canceling headphones and a $250...
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37 Days Of Christmas: Taylor Wishes For A Leaf Blower To Help Her Business

Taylor Thompson is trying to branch out with his locally-owned landscaping company. He just needed the right equipment. Taylor wished for a $600 leaf blower, and ALT 103.7 granted it. We wish Thompson Landscape nothing but success!
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37 Days Of Christmas: Hailey Wishes For A Great Christmas For Her Son

Even though she works four jobs, Hailey Houston struggles to make ends meet. She was worried her son Vincent wouldn't be able to have a good Christmas. When our friends at Smart City Apartment Locating heard about Hailey's hardships, they decided to give her a $400 Visa gift card. Hopefully Hailey...
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37 Days Of Christmas: Geena Wishes For Supplies For Her Students

Geena Posey is a teacher who unfortunately isn't given all the supplies she needs for her classroom. She wished for four 18-inch Poly & Bark stools in Aqua. ALT 103.7 granted her wish and gave her 10 new stools for her teacher table. We know they'll be put to good use.
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37 Days Of Christmas: Amor Wishes Her Cousin Alexis Can Meet The 1975

Amor Hernandez wanted to help her cousin Alexis meet the 1975. Alexis said their music really helped her get through postpartum depression, and she would love to thank them in person. ALT 103.7 granted her wish to go backstage at The 1975 show and included JBL headphones to hear their music even...
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