37 Days Of Christmas Wishes

ALT 103.7 is granting Christmas wishes. Need or Greed. Selfishly for you or selflessly for somebody you know.

You wish it and ALT 103.7 will make it come true.

Check out all the wishes we have granted so far below.

37 Days Of Christmas: Kristin Carpenter Wished For An Apple Watch Series 4

Kristin Carpenter wished for an Apple Watch Series 4. Actually, we’ve seen a lot of wishes for Apple products, but when we learned more about Kristin’s background, we granted her 37 Days of Christmas wish. Did you know the Series 4s did this?
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37 Days Of Christmas: Nathaniel Wishes For A Pair Of Doc Martens

During The 37 Days of Christmas ALT 103.7 grants wishes of need and greed. We try not to judge. So when Nathaniel Torres wished for a pair of Doc Martens, we assumed it could be either need or greed. Nate got what he needed/wanted
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37 Days Of Christmas: Ariel Programs Her "Perfect Playlist"

Music has been a source of strength through difficult times for Ariel Martinez. She told us her story and we put Ariel in control of ALT 103.7 so she could program her “perfect playlist”. Here’s hoping the songs that gave Ariel strength inspire others in the Metroplex.
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37 Days Of Christmas: Hannah Wishes For A New Bicycle For Her Children

Hannah is a single mom who used her bicycle to drop off her kids on the way to and from work. …until someone ripped it off. ALT 103.7 shared Hannah’s story and her 37 Days of Christmas wish with Hector Ramirez at Richardson Bike Mart . Richardson Bike Mart made Hannah’s wish happen by donating a...
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37 Days Of Christmas: Misty Wishes To Help Make Her Friend Amber's Kids Have A Great Christmas

Amber is the mother of three. She and Misty are best friends. Misty’s 37 Days of Christmas wish was to help make the kid’s Christmas better.
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37 Days Of Christmas: Whitney Wishes For Her Sister To Fly Home For Christmas

Whitney Charles’ sister has volunteered in Kosovo for the past six or seven years. She has been home in three. Whitney’s wish was granted. Coincidentally, the cost of round-trip airfare, Kosovo to DFW is $1,037
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37 Days Of Christmas: Karley Wishes For Her And Her Family To Attend Her Son's Boot Camp Graduation

Karley Wooten’s son ships off to Marine Boot Camp this month. Karley’s 37 Days of Christmas wish was for her family of five to be in San Diego when he graduates in February.
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37 Days Of Christmas: Reagan Wishes To Meet TWENTY ONE PILOTS

Reagan Adams credited the music of Twenty One Pilots for saving her life. ALT 103.7 granted her 37 Days of Christmas wish.
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