Person Loses $19K After Putting Cash In Washing Machine To Kill Coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus, many are taking extreme measures to avoid germs when out in public. For some that means excessively using hand sanitizer, while others have taken more extreme measures, washing any item that may have previously been handled by someone else.
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Irish Pub Bans ‘Sweet Caroline’ Sing-Alongs Due To Health Concerns

As businesses reopen around the world, many have added precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. For bars and restaurants, that has meant limiting capacity, making sure everyone remains at a distance, and frequent cleanings.
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Partygoers Shrug Off COVID-19 Warnings, Attend Annual Boat Bash

Hundreds of partygoers didn’t let a global pandemic stop them from attending an annual boat bash in East Peoria, Illinois over the weekend.
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Couple Has Saved 68 Lives and Counting With Their COVID-19 Plasma Donations

While the coronavirus affects millions, one couple is donating plasma to help save lives. The Texas couple has saved 68 lives and counting with their COVID-19 plasma donations.
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Teacher's Emotional Video Shows Attempt to Set Up Classroom Amid Coronavirus

Teachers across the country have shared their honest fears of returning to the classroom as the back-to-school debate continues. An educator shared a video of her attempt to set up a classroom amid coronavirus.
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Who Should Be First in Line to Get the Coronavirus Vaccine?

As scientists come closer to developing a coronavirus vaccine viable for mass distribution, public health experts and government officials will need to decide who will be prioritized to get the COVID-19 shot first. This is how they will decide.
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FDA Adds to List of Toxic Hand Sanitizers, Warns About Use of at Least 80

The list of hand sanitizers that have been recalled by the Food and Drug Administration is growing. The FDA is now warning about the use of more toxic hand sanitizers.
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Adults Over 65 Not Adapting Well To Telemedicine: Study

A University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) study out Monday suggests telemedicine is not the universal answer to health care, especially among older adults.
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'Doomscrolling' Could Be Hurting Your Mental Health

Have you ever been mindlessly scrolling through your social media feed, and then realize you’re stressed about news stories you can’t even control? It’s called ‘doomscrolling’ and apparently it’s becoming an issue for many people.
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University of Texas Austin Prohibiting Students From Having Parties, On or Off Campus

The University of Texas is prohibiting students from having parties this fall, on or off campus, in an effort to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.
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