President Barack Obama on the cover of TIME Magazine

Brie Larson, The Rock, And Michelle Obama Are Included In TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People

Every year, TIME Magazine reveals a list of people who they find to be powerful, successful, and innovative. This year's list of 100 Most Influential People is no different. The roster includes heavyhitters like Lady Gaga, Lebron James, and Chrissy Teigen, essentially boosting them to household...
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two, diamonds, jeweler, difference

Can You Tell The Difference Between A Real Diamond And A Fake One?

Daniel Anania is a jeweler in Australia and he shared a picture of two engagement rings next to eachother. Beautiful rings, mind you. They both looked very expensive, and very perfect. However, one is expensive and one isn't. One is $355.00, and one is $7776.00, meaning one is an actual diamond and...
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Woman swiping on dating app

Here's A Map Of The Most Popular Dating Apps In Each State

There are so many dating apps to choose from. Which one do you use? The folks at PC Mag surveyed over 2000 Americans from ages 18 to 65+ to ask what their go-to love link is. Overwhelmingly, 27 states chose Tinder -- including Texas. Here's a breakdown of the actual results : MOST POPULAR DATING...
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Black Croc shoes

Apparently Goth Crocs Are A New Shoe Trend

I'll admit, myhusband wears Crocs and occasionally after a downpour, I'll throw 'em on to check the mail. But I wouldn't own a pair. Nothing says "give-up" more than slip-on shoes. Now that Crocs are custom-designed, people add their own flair. Did you see the ones that Post Malone gave Dez Bryant...
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Rainbow pride flag

Texas Night Club Denies Man From Entering Venue While Dressed In Drag

I have thick skin so I don't usually get outraged by things as much as the mainstream population does. This instance, however, struck a chord. A 23-year-old person in Corpus Christi was headed to VooDoo Niteclub with his friends over the weekend but was denied entry "due to dress code." Ben Rios...
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YOLO girl jumping on beach

The Top 20 Most Annoying Slang Words In America

What determines when it's time to retire a phrase? This practice has gone on for centuries, which is why people jokingly say "bee's knees" and cat's meow". I've personally told my friend Tammy the joke, "That's what she said" is no longer funny. She disagreed. So, our lingo is all a matter of...
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Shirtless man

Naked Man Not Allowed To Board Plane In Moscow

Saw this headline and so many questions came to mind. Where was his ... um... luggage? How did he make it all the way to the gate? Where'd he stash his boarding pass? Russia is starting to give Florida a run for the money. Over the weekend, a man in his late thirties was detained at an airport in...
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Flaming Hot Cheetos

Here's Where To Get Flamin' Hot Cheeto Cupcakes In DFW

How stoned do you have to be to create this monstrosity? I'll admit, I eat some weird combos: popcorn with Tobasco, Fritos with lemon juice, Triscuits with pickles, etc. But this is too far. Sprinkles Cupcakes offering is Flamin' Hot Cheetos cupcakes today through Sunday, March 24th. They are...
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Kids Painting with Bob Ross

Texas Students Wore Wigs And Painted In Tribute To Bob Ross

The kids at Madison Middle School in Abilene needed to relieve some stress, what better way than to dress up as Bob Ross and paint some happy little trees.
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Fyre Festival Documentary Trailer Re-Cut With Scenes From Jurassic Park Is Hilarious

The YouTube channel The Nerdist recut Netflix’s Fyre Festival documentary with Jurassic Park and the final product is hilarious.
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