Reflection of ship

Holographic Ghost Ship Displayed In Floating River

The 90-foot holographic Ghost Ship installation uses the unique use of lights and water to make the 3-D image of an 18th century ship floating over the river.
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Vans Teams Up With Discovery To Create Shark Week Shoes

The world’s shark obsession is peaking once again, as Discovery’s ‘Shark Week’ is in full force. Now, shark fanatics everywhere can show their enthusiasm for their favorite week of summer on their shoes.
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Photo Credit: Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY

New York City Council Votes To Name Street 'Stan Lee Way'

Well deserved!
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Photo Credit: Anthony Behar

Here’s How Much Top Social Media Influencers Get Paid

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The #RedFlagsYouShouldn'tIgnore Hashtag Is Offering Up Some Valuable Dating Advice

Trending Red Flags in the Dating World!
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Photo Credit: Anthony Behar/Sipa USA

Jimmy Fallon & Stephen Colbert Do Unforgettable 'Stranger Things 3' Duet

Their harmony is impeccable! Kind of.
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Photo Credit: PA Images/Sipa USA

There's A Hidden 'Stranger Things' Retro Arcade Game On Polaroid’s Website: But You Need A Secret Code To Play It

And we have the code!
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Lil Nas X Performs Old Town Road at BET Awards

Lil Nas X Salutes Kurt Cobain For The Melody On His New Song "Panini"

Lil Nas X dropped his new 7 EP on Friday in conjunction with one of the supported tracks called "Panini". If you look at the writing credits for the song, you'll see the names: Montero Lamar Hill (aka Lil Nas X), Denzel Baptiste and David Biral (aka producers Take A Daytrip), Oladipo Omishore (aka...
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Matty Healy from The 1975 sings on stage

Nobody On "Jeopardy! Teen Tournament" Could Answer This Question About The 1975

The 1975 were an answer on Jeopardy! last week, but none of the "Teen Tournament" contestants could answer. The clue was: “ I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it was a No. 1 album for this ‘yearly’ band.” No one buzzed in so Alex Trebek had to answer it for them...
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Study Reveals That Women Are Happier When Coupled With Ugly Men

Women don’t feel as pressured to look as good when they are with a man that is less attractive according to a study conducted by Florida State University.
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