People Are Buying Cassette Tapes Again As Sales Have Doubled In 2020

Vinyl records have seen a resurgence in recent years as music purists often discuss the benefits of the outdated technology. Now, it appears another former music listening device is making a comeback. According to new reports, people are now buying cassette tapes once again.
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Kylie Jenner Faces Backlash for Daughter Stormi's $1,180 Handbag

It seems to be a trend recently to give your famous children designer handbags, but Kylie Jenner is facing backlash for the Louis Vuitton Stormi’s been rocking these days.
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Alex Trebek Opens Up on Cancer Treatment, New Memoir: 'Death Is Part of Life'

When Alex Trebek announced that he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in March, he shared that he faces challenges every day. In a new interview with Good Morning America, he talks about cancer, his new treatment and memoir.
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Savannah Guthrie to Undergo Follow-Up Surgery for Eye Injury

Savannah Guthrie shared that she is ready to take the next step to repair her vision. The ‘Today’ show host will undergo a follow-up surgery for her eye injury.
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Pizza Hut Now Offering Pizza That Smells Like Beer And Is Topped With Fried Chicken Skins

Many often see America as the land of crazy food combinations. However, the latest offering from Pizza Hut in the Philippines is giving state fairs around the United States a run for their money. Pizza Hut Philippines debut a new pizza recently that smells like beer, and is topped with fried...
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Driver Offering Reward To Anyone Who Can Help Find Car Lost During Drunken Bender

Losing car keys, credit cards or ID’s are common items misplaced during a night out partying. Regardless of how much someone drinks, usually they can manage to keep track of items too big to fit into pockets. However, one driver clearly found that level of intoxication, and is now offering a reward...
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New Study Reveals Men Watch 70 Minutes Of Porn Per Week And It Is Leading To Performance Issues

The internet has done so much for the world, from the spread of information to helping technology improve, yet based on data it seems most of the time it’s just being used to watch pornography. Now, a new study is showing the amount of porn being watched by men may be doing more damage than many...
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Jennifer Aniston Shares Photo of Friend Hospitalized With COVID-19

Jennifer Aniston is calling on her fans to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously. The ‘Friends’ actress shared a photo of her friend who was hospitalized with COVID-19.
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Gisele Bundchen Celebrates 40th Birthday Complete With Sweet Tribute From Tom Brady

Tom Brady shared an adorable family portrait on Monday to wish his wife Gisele Bundchen a happy birthday. The supermodel and mother turned 40-years-old.
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Verizon Artist Lounge on Instagram Live with KennyHoopla!

ALT 103.7's Mark chatted with KennyHoopla in our Verizon Artist Lounge on Instagram Live – Friday, July 17.
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