Hilary Duff Reveals Holographic Eye Look Paired With Face Mask

Hilary Duff revealed a creative look while wearing her face mask during the coronavirus pandemic. She revealed her holographic eye look to her fans.
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Adopting A Chicken Has Become The New Pet Obsession During Quarantine

Since the start of quarantine, pet ownership has skyrocketed, with many people using the extra time at home to add a new member to their family. However, not everyone is going for the traditional dog or cat. Apparently the amount of people getting chickens as pets is on the rise, and some are...
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Tiger King’s Carole Baskin Goes Viral Singing 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ On Cameo

Cameo has given many celebrities the chance to interact with their fans, and make a little extra money on the side. However, it is also fully to blame for keeping many D-list celebrities relevant today. One of those celebrities is ‘Tiger King’ star Carole Baskin.
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Experts Now Say Both Men And Women Should Limit Themselves To One Alcoholic Drink Per Day

For most alcohol drinkers, stopping after just one drink doesn’t seem very enjoyable. Not only is it not enough for most to get intoxicated, but it also doesn’t help keep the good times rolling throughout the night. However, according to the new U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, experts...
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New Survey Reveals The Names Parents Regret Giving Their Children

Picking out a name for their child can be a difficult task for any parent. Usually they want to find a name that won’t get made fun of, and that suits the baby. Now, a new survey has revealed the names parents regret the most, as sometimes names that fit a child don’t quite suit them as an adult.
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Mike Tyson Is Starting ‘Shark Week’ This Year By Fighting A Shark Underwater

The phenomenon known as ‘Shark Week’ is set to return once again in a few weeks, and this year they have out done themselves once again. To launch the week of programming, Discovery Channel will air a fight between Mike Tyson and a shark. ‘Tyson Vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef’ will kick off the...
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Mike Tyson Is Set to Fight a Great White Shark Underwater For 'Shark Week'

The phenomenon known as “Shark Week” is set to return once again in a few weeks, and this year they have really out done themselves! Mike Tyson returns to the ring to fight a great white shark underwater. Read on now.
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Texas Woman Quit Her Job To Pretend To Be A Dog Online For Money

There are many odd jobs out there that some may see as unnecessary, yet people still find a way to make money doing it. For one Texas woman her strange new career ended up being lucrative enough to quit her job as an optician. She now pretends to be a dog online, and manages to make six figures...
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There Has Been An Increase In People Getting Their Tattoos Removed During Pandemic

The tattoo industry seemingly thrives on people going out, having a few drinks, and making a decision they may one day regret. However, with many bars and tattoo shops closed around the country, it seems people are now rethinking their previous body art.
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Bored Jeweler Decides To Close Shop, Bury Inventory And Sell Treasure Maps

With plenty of people still on lockdown, many are looking for new hobbies to help pass the time. Luckily, a jeweler in Michigan that was looking for a way to spark business just came up with a way to give people a chance to relive a childhood dream.
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