People Are Getting Their Pets Prepared For The End Of Quarantine

If there has been one positive to quarantine over the last few months, it’s the amount of time people have had to spend with their pets. For most pets, the daily fear of their humans leaving the home was wiped away during lockdown.
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Johnny Depp’s Maid Reveals Photo Of Poop In Bed That Caused Amber Heard Break Up

Johnny Depp’s current tabloid court battle has already led to a number of eye catching headlines, but it seems nothing can top the accusation that Amber Heard defecated in Johnny Depp’s bed. Now, Depp’s maid has come forward with a photo of the alleged bed poop.
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iPhone Users Can Now Stake Their Claim In Apple’s $500 Million Settlement

For years, iPhone users preached the theory that Apple was slowing down old devices to entice them to buy newer models. After that theory was proven true a few years back, many felt vindicated and Apple eventually settled a class action lawsuit.
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Tyra Banks Named New Host and Executive Producer of 'Dancing With the Stars'

On Tuesday, one day after it was revealed that Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews are parting ways with the series, ABC announced in a statement that Tyra Banks is taking over hosting duties and would serve as executive producer as well.
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Viral Website Creates 90’s Music Festival Lineups With Links To Concert Footage

Like many businesses, the live music industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. With the majority of concerts still on hiatus, and more future festivals postponing their upcoming events, it may be a while before fans get to see their favorite artists live.
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‘Suicide Squad’ Director James Gunn Says He Wants To Add Scooby-Doo To His Film

Director James Gunn is known to have fun with fans on social media, often answering questions and starting rumors about his films. Now, his latest response to a fans question may lead to a crossover film between iconic characters.
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Bar Installs An Electric Fence To Keep Customers At Safe Distance From Staff

As restaurants and bars around the world begin to reopen, many are establishing new guidelines to keep not only customers safe, but their staff as well. For one pub in the UK, they may have taken these new measures a little too far. The Star Inn in Cornwall has gone viral after installing an...
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Bud Light Unveils New Strawberry Lemonade Beer For Summer

Most beer lovers don’t mess around when it comes to the flavor of their favorite beverage. However, for those that aren’t the biggest fan of beer, or are willing to try a new flavor of the drink, Bud Light has a new product they may be interested in. The beer company recently unveiled a new...
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Irwin Family Offers Glimpse at COVID-19 Lockdown in Zoo in Animal Planet Series

The Irwin family explained how the COVID-19 lockdown impacts the Australia Zoo. Steve Irwin’s wife and children are featured in an Animal Planet series.
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'Mythbusters' Host Grant Imahara Dies at 49

Electrical engineer and former host of “Mythbusters,” Grant Imahara, has passed away suddenly at the age of 49 due to a brain aneurysm, the Discovery Channel confirmed on Monday night.
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