Israeli Inventor Creates Remote Control Face Mask People Can Wear While Eating

With people around the country wearing masks when they go out in public, many are looking for ways to go through their daily routine without the mask becoming a distraction. One of these activities is eating, as some are struggling to feel safe taking off the mask in order to eat.
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South Korean Soccer Team Apologizes After Filling Stadium With Sex Dolls

As many professional sports teams begin planning to resume playing games, some are contemplating how they will go about filling their stadiums. While some leagues are thinking about limiting capacity, others plan on resuming action with no fans in attendance.
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Dave Grohl Confirms He Plans To Eventually Write A Memoir

While most musicians have enough stories from their career to fill a book, Dave Grohl has compiled so many anecdotes from his two iconic runs in rock music that he could probably complete an entire book series. As Drummer of Nirvana, and frontman for the Foo Fighters, Grohl has a career many music...
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Disney Princess Goldfish Crackers Are Coming Soon

Disney Princess Goldfish Crackers are coming out this summer. The snack will be shaped like some of the studio’s iconic characters and sold exclusively at Target.
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Happy Anniversary, Meghan and Harry! Our Favorite Moments From Their Relationship

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have done a lot of things in their first two years of marriage: they had a baby, they traveled the world, and they recently relocated to Los Angeles. Here are six of our favorite moments from their relationship.
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Kelly Ripa Stands Up to Critics of Her On-Air Appearance: 'How Dare You'

Kelly Ripa is not sitting back quietly as viewers make negative comments about her at-home on-air appearance. The talk show host had a few things to say to those who criticized her looks during quarantine. Find out now.
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Executive Says Hilarious Innuendo While Announcing New Rules For Tennis Courts

Many businesses are beginning to reopen as quarantine rules begin to be lifted throughout the country, but for some that means implementing some new rules to keep customers safe. Sadly for a New York county executive, this meant explaining the new rules before reopening a local tennis court.
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Strip Club In Wyoming Reopens With “Masks On, Clothes Off” Event

As many businesses begin to reopen their doors to customers, some are trying to come up with creative ways to use the new rules to attract business. For a strip club in Wyoming, that meant throwing a “masks on, clothes off” party. Dancers at the club wore masks throughout the night, as The Den...
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Band Teachers In Texas Spend Three Days Going To Students’ Homes To Play Fight Song One Last Time

The coronavirus has cancelled a number of big events, including one many young adults cherish for the rest of their lives; graduation. Luckily, many schools around the country have worked tirelessly to make sure their students got some form of celebration.
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Film Director Creates Coronavirus Survival Guide Using Classic Horror And Science Fictions Films

As the coronavirus continues to impact everyday life, many have compared what has happened over the last few months to horror and science fiction movies. While some worry about what could happen in the future if the COVID-19 pandemic continues, fans of these movies have seemingly been waiting years...
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