Christie Brinkley, 66, Glows in Radiant New Instagram Selfie

Christie Brinkley is embracing the natural look while at home. The model and actress went for a makeup-free vibe while spending some time in her blooming garden. See the photos now.
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Andy Cohen Recalls Look of 'Horror' on Sarah Jessica Parker's Face at His 'Sex and the City' Audition

Andy Cohen once dreamt of landing a speaking role in the iconic series ‘Sex and the City,’ but even with his best friend, Sarah Jessica Parker, leading the series, he couldn’t make it happen. Read more now.
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ To Address The Current Coronavirus Pandemic In Upcoming Season

With many television shows still on hiatus due to the coronavirus, some have used this time to make adjustments to their upcoming seasons. While some shows have only changed a couple of things, others have used the current pandemic to create entirely new plots for episodes.
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Woman Arrested After Going To Fake Hitman Website For Help Murdering Her Ex-Husband

There are many websites on the internet that make people scratch their heads, but for the most part every link is either some form of entertainment or something useful. Still, one woman in Michigan seemed to be a bit confused about the purpose of one website, and has now been arrested for her...
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Viral Beer Hack Claims Putting A Pickle In A Cheap Beer Makes It Taste Better

Food debates can get pretty fierce, but it usually comes down to if the person likes or dislikes a particular taste. However, when it comes to pickles it seems there is no middle ground; either they’re loved or hated. Now, pickle lovers are being vindicated, as a new food hack for beer claims that...
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Texas BBQ Voted America’s Favorite BBQ Style In Recent Poll

There are many areas Texans claim to have a superior level of expertise than the rest of the country. While sometimes it’s just state pride, in many cases those beliefs are correct. Now, a recent poll has confirmed what many Texans already knew; Texas BBQ is the best style of BBQ there is.
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Happy 80th Birthday, Alex Trebek! 7 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets You Never Knew About 'Jeopardy!'

’Jeopardy!’ has been on TV since 1964, but a lot has happened in the show’s decades of history. Here are some facts you didn’t know about the show, including Alex Trebek’s real name, other hosts who have graced the stage, and the show’s Emmy Awards
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LSD Use Is Up Thanks To The Coronavirus And People Believing “The World’s On Fire”

As lockdown continues, the strange hobbies people have picked up during quarantine are starting to be revealed. While some have stuck to puzzles, cleaning, reading and simple pastimes, apparently others have found more extreme ways to escape.
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Hershey Is Releasing Their Pumpkin Pie Flavored Kit Kat Bar Early This Year

With many summer activities and events cancelled due to the coronavirus, many are already getting ready for next season. Now, a fall favorite will seemingly hit stores way sooner than anyone expected. Kit-Kat announced recently that their Pumpkin flavored Kit-Kat will be hitting stores in July.
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New Survey Reveals 14% Of Men Are Turned On By Their Amazon Echo

For many people, relationships with others can be extremely difficult to navigate. While most continue in the search for their perfect match, some give up on dating completely, and turn to other sources of companionship.
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