Kelly Hansen, Mick Jones, Foreigner, Concert, 2018

Foreigner Looking For The Man Who Inspired The Song "Juke Box Hero"

Mick Jones of Foreigner was inspired to write one of the band's biggest hits after soundcheck before a concert in Cincinnati.
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Bacterium, ALT 103.7, Web Posting

BACTERIUM 1 | 0 | 3 | 7: PLAYLIST FOR 1.23.2019

Driving to work or school from 7:40 a.m. to 8:20 a.m every weekday morning? Need a little mood enhancement? ALT 103.7’s got your back! Set a reminder and listen every day to BacteriuM: 1 | 0 | 3 | 7 by Zephyr. It’s a full 40 minutes you won’t find anywhere else and it has ZERO commercials!...
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Lasagna, Italian, Food, Plate

New Parents Can Now Reveal The Gender Of Their Baby With Colored Lasagna

These days, it's all about the gender reveal party.
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Man, Playing, Legos, Son, Watching, 2017

Study Finds Legos Are A Better Financial Investment Than Stocks, Bonds, And Gold

If you're looking to build up your financial portfolio and secure your fiscal future, you might want to head to your local toy store.
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Tex Mex, Appetizer, Plate, Food

Texas Restaurant's Famous And Hilarious Signs Now Compiled Into A Book

El Arroyo is an Austin staple for amazing Tex Mex cuisine.
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Couple, Road Trip, Love, Car

Majority Of Americans Consider Their Car To Be Part Of The Family

Cars are much than a mode of transport it seems.
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Texas Couple Creates Whataburger Themed Chicken Coop

After moving into the country, one Texas couple was missing the luxuries and scenery of city life.
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Conan O'Brien Has An Official Pantone Color: Team Coco Orange

If you ever wanted to paint your walls in comedian Conan O'Brien...now you can!
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Fort Worth Whataburger Fan Turns Her Chicken Coop Into A Whatacoop!

It's no secret, Texans love Whataburger. We were raised on fancy ketchup! However, in recent years, Whataburger has become more than just delicious food. It's a way of life.
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Chip Gaines Shares An Adorable Pic Of Baby Crew Wearing Demo Day Overalls!

It's no secret that Chip Gaines is a huge fan of Demo Day!!!!!!!!! Any opportunity demolish, tear down and just break stuff...Chip is there! Not only that, but he's already passing on that same trait to his youngest son!
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