Elton John Slams ‘The Lion King’ Remake Calling It “A Huge Disappointment”

The music of Elton John is one of the many reasons 1994’s ‘The Lion King is so beloved, but when it comes to the 2019 remake, the legendary singer says he’s not a fan. John, who famously composed the original film’s score, recently sat down to discuss his new memoir and gave his thoughts on Disney’...
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‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ Becomes First 80’s Music Video To Reach A Billion Views On YouTube

It’s not easy for a video to reach a million views on YouTube, but it can be done. However, reaching a billion views is nearly impossible. There aren’t many videos that have joined YouTube’s billion views club, but to accomplish that a video must be iconic.
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George Michael Was Almost In ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’

His greatest hits are often heard at weddings, and his music has been featured in movies, but apparently that wasn’t George Michaels only connection to romantic comedies. A friend of the late singer revealed recently that Michael was almost in the Richard Curtis film, ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral.’
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Neil Patrick Harris Lands Role In Latest Installment Of ‘Matrix’ Franchise

It looks like Neil Patrick Harris is about to enter the matrix. It has been reported that the actor has joined the cast of the ‘Matrix’ reboot, joining Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who was added as one of the leads last week.
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Hilarious Video Shows Child Getting Very Upset At Mom For Not Kissing Him Goodbye

As kids grow older they become more and more embarrassed by their parents love and affection. However, when they’re young it’s just about all they want. A 2 year old in Jacksonville, Florida has gone viral after his father recorded him getting very upset after his mother left for work without...
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Felicity Huffman Begins 14 Day Prison Sentence For College Admissions Scandal

Two weeks may not seem like a long time, but when sitting in prison it can feel like eternity. That’s what Felicity Huffman will now be dealing with as the actress reported to federal prison in northern California on Tuesday.
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[Video] Man Captures Massive 13 Foot King Cobra With His Bare Hands

A fear of snakes makes total sense, especially when something as terrifying as a king cobra exists. Yet somehow a rescue group in Thailand managed to capture a 13 foot king cobra from a sewer over the weekend.
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A Crazy New Park Just Opened In Downtown Dallas With An Adult-Friendly Playground

Childhood nostalgia is the perfect way to forget about the stresses of adulthood. Luckily, a new park has opened up in DFW with an adult friendly playground that’ll have guests feeling like a kid again.
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Fox Terrier held by woman

Florida Dog Lost as Puppy Found And Reunited With Owner 12 Years Later

Katheryn Strang was reunited with her lost fox terrier dog Dutchess, after 12 long years.
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Billie Eilish

Billie Elilish’s Ring Was Stolen at ACL

Billie Eilish performed at ACL and walked into the crowd of fans to shake hands with the audience members. Once she returned on stage she noticed she was missing a ring.
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