Latest Viral Food Trend Has People Making Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Cereal

There is a new food trend sweeping the internet that may not help anyone looking to stick to a diet. While many breakfast items are sugary treats for the morning, usually fresh baked cookies are saved for dessert. However, thanks to the internet, people are now making their own version of Cookie...
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Rare Blue Dragon Sea Creatures Spotted At Texas Beaches

Already dealing with fears of the coronavirus, and the Murder Hornet, it appears there is a new rarity of Texans to worry about. According to reports, Blue Dragons have been spotted on the Padre Island National Seashore. While these small creatures may seem harmless, their stings apparently pack...
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Texas Woman Arrested After Losing Her Temper In Whataburger Drive-Thru

Waiting in a drive-thru line while hungry can be extremely frustrating, but most manage to remain patient and wait the few minutes before the line moves and they get their food. However for some, when it comes to Whataburger, waiting just isn’t an option.
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Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo Shares Cover Of Nirvana’s ‘Heart-Shaped Box’

While many bands are currently on hiatus, Weezer frontman, Rivers Cuomo, has remained busy, sharing new music throughout quarantine. Through his ‘Island IN The Zoom’ series, Cuomo has given fans the chance to listen to some new music while stuck at home.
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Viral Robot Dog Deployed In Singapore Park To Promote Social Distancing

Not too long ago, a robotic dog created by Boston Dynamics went viral for their creative marketing videos shared on YouTube. While many were enamored by the robot dog named Spot, many wondered what their actual purpose, other than cuteness, would be.
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Small Texas Company “Booming” During Coronavirus Selling Bunkers To The World’s Wealthiest

While many businesses struggle during the coronavirus, one small company in Texas has been thriving. The Rising S Company, which manufactures luxury bunkers, claims business has been “booming” thanks to the pandemic. With many fearing the worst possible outcomes from COVID-19, apparently more...
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Dave Grohl Compliments Post Malone’s Nirvana Tribute

Post Malone has made his love for Nirvana well known, even sharing a livestream tribute performance for the band last week. The performance has been praised by fans and critics, and now a member of the beloved band has chimed in with some praise of his own.
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Starbucks Secret Menu Frappuccino Tastes Just Like Cap'n Crunch

The Starbucks secret menu may not be an official part of the coffee giant’s actual list of options, but thanks to the internet many of these items have become every day orders for many customers. With Starbucks around the country beginning to open up again, many coffee drinkers are flocking to...
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Travis Barker And Machine Gun Kelly Reignite Blink-182 Pronunciation Debate

For years, Blink-182 fans around the world have debated the proper pronunciation of the band’s name. Even members of the group have chimed in, giving their opinions before, but the debate rages on. Now, drummer Travis Barker and frequent collaborator, Machine Gun Kelly, have once again stirred up...
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‘The Office’ Cast Reunites To Surprise Virtual Wedding

Fans of ‘The Office’ got the closest thing they may ever get to a full blown reunion episode over the weekend. On Sunday, John Krasinski shared the latest episode of his web series, ‘Some Good News,’ where he held a virtual wedding for two huge fans of the beloved series.
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