Britney Spears Admits She Accidentally Burned Down Gym Inside Her Home

Britney Spears has been doing her part, keeping her fans entertained during quarantine with plenty of social media content. However, in her latest video, she opened up about an embarrassing moment that almost destroyed her home. According to Spears, she recently accidentally burned down her home...
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Engineer Selling Six Foot “Social Stick” To Promote Social Distancing

A few years back, Selfie Sticks became a hot commodity, as people looked for ways to keep up with social trends. Now, a new stick is on the market that’s gaining popularity for social situations. The new “Social Stick” is a six foot stick that reminds people to continue practicing social distancing.
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Police Called As Crowd Flocks To KFC Reopening, But Location Was Only Open For Delivery

As quarantine orders begin to get lifted, many are looking forward to venturing out to their favorite restaurants and public gathering spaces. As businesses begin to open, some fear large rushes of people may lead to issues. That’s what happened when a KFC recently reopened, leading to cops being...
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Michael Jordan’s Once Turned Down An Appearance That Would Have Paid $100 Million

Michael Jordan has become one of the most recognizable names in the world, not only due to his extremely successful basketball career, but the endorsements he signed along the way as well. While the world knows of the deals he was a part of, it’s the one’s he turned down that seem to amaze people...
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Jeff Bezos Is Building A Clock Inside A West Texas Mountain That Will Tell Time For 10,000 Years

People often wonder what they would do if they ever became a billionaire. For many they already have a particular purchase in mind, while others wouldn’t know where to begin spending the money. Luckily, current billionaire Jeff Bezos can lend some inspiration, as he is currently spending $42...
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Florida Man Tells Police The Gun And Bulletproof Vest In His Car Belonged To John Wick

Almost everyone has a go to excuse they say to the police when trying to get out of a ticket. For some it works every time, while others are yet to talk their way out of trouble. For one man in Florida, he may want to try and come up with a new line, as he was arrested after telling police a gun in...
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New Study Finds Four Seconds Of Exercise Is All That’s Needed After A Full Day Of Sitting

With people around the country stuck at home, and gyms closed due to the coronavirus, many are looking for ways to stay healthy. However, working from home has led some to extreme laziness, and finding the motivation to exercise has become harder than ever. Luckily, a new study found that long...
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“The Mountain” From ‘Game Of Thrones’ To Attempt World Deadlift Record On ESPN The Ocho

Thor Bjornsson, who played “The Mountain” on ‘Game of Thrones’ is making his return to television on Saturday, but this time he won’t be playing a character. Instead, the massive 6-foot-9 Icelandic native will be attempting to break the world deadlift record.
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Kevin Bacon Says He Wants To Play Joe Exotic In Movie Version Of ‘Tiger King’

While the world’s obsession with ‘Tiger King’ is slowly starting to diminish, Hollywood is making sure no one forgets about the crew from the hit Netflix docuseries. Already plans have been put in place for film and television adaptations, and a number of celebrities have publicly campaigned for...
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Tattoo Artist Says He’s Running Out Of Space After Giving Himself Tattoo Everyday Of Lockdown

There are many different hobbies helping people cope with being stuck at home all day, but as quarantine continues many have already become tired of their once entertaining activity. For some, it’s not the boredom or the repetitiveness of the hobby they chose, but instead the ability to do that...
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