Los Angeles Based Design Studio Develops Spacesuit For Post Quarantine Concert Goers

With concerts currently on hiatus due to the coronavirus, many fans are wondering when they can get back to seeing their favorites musicians live. While some just want to get back to going to events, some are wondering what the future of concerts may look like once quarantine is over.
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Jack Osbourne Claims An Ozzy And Sharon Biopic Is Currently In The Works

After the success of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Rocketman’ the last few years, Hollywood seems to be trying to come up with any rock star movie idea they can delivery to audiences. However, a recently rumored biopic is one almost any music fan can get behind.
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Jimmy Eats World And Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino Release Cover Of ‘Call To Love’

With many musicians currently stuck at home, there has been plenty of new music released recently. As artists remain quarantined, plenty of previously unheard music, new releases, live performances, and collaboration have been released for fans to enjoy while stuck at home as well.
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Texas Strip Club Opens For Business Claiming To Be A Full Time Restaurant

As some Texas businesses begin to reopen, a strip club in Houston decided to open their doors to customers this weekend. As Governor Greg Abbott issued an order allowing certain businesses to reopen at a 25 percent capacity, Club Onyx decided to claim itself as a full service restaurant in order to...
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‘Parks & Recreation’ Returns To Television To Raise $2.8 Million For Coronavirus Relief

Fans of the hit NBC series ‘Parks & Recreation’ were surprised last week with a special reunion episode and it did not disappoint. The one time reunion was made to raise money for coronavirus relief, and involved the entire main cast. The half hour special was able to raise $2.8 million for the...
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Nicolas Cage To Play ‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic In Upcoming Television Series

Nicolas Cage is heading to television, and is playing a part he was seemingly made for. As a number of big name actors campaign to work on projects based on the hit Netflix docuseries, ‘Tiger King,’ Cage has agreed to portray Joe Exotic for an upcoming television series. The project is made by CBS...
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Asparagus Fortune Teller Predicts Good News Coming In May

With people around the world remaining in quarantine, many are looking for any positive sign that things could soon change for the better. For those hoping that the month of May could be when things finally start to turn that sign seems to have arrived, and did so in the form of asparagus.
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Britney Spears Admits She Accidentally Burned Down Gym Inside Her Home

Britney Spears has been doing her part, keeping her fans entertained during quarantine with plenty of social media content. However, in her latest video, she opened up about an embarrassing moment that almost destroyed her home. According to Spears, she recently accidentally burned down her home...
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Engineer Selling Six Foot “Social Stick” To Promote Social Distancing

A few years back, Selfie Sticks became a hot commodity, as people looked for ways to keep up with social trends. Now, a new stick is on the market that’s gaining popularity for social situations. The new “Social Stick” is a six foot stick that reminds people to continue practicing social distancing.
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Police Called As Crowd Flocks To KFC Reopening, But Location Was Only Open For Delivery

As quarantine orders begin to get lifted, many are looking forward to venturing out to their favorite restaurants and public gathering spaces. As businesses begin to open, some fear large rushes of people may lead to issues. That’s what happened when a KFC recently reopened, leading to cops being...
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