Nudist Organization Sees 100 Percent Membership Increase Thanks To Lockdown

With people around the world stuck in quarantine thanks to the coronavirus, people are turning to new activities to keep themselves entertained. While some are trying new things, others are doing things they’ve always wanted to but didn’t have the time.
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Netflix Releases Trailer For Upcoming Jerry Seinfeld Comedy Special

Jerry Seinfeld is back doing what he does best; making people laugh from the comfort of their own home. It has been 22 years since the iconic stand up has released an original stand up special, though he has been consistently performing stand up on the road for years. Now, Netflix has released the...
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‘Back To The Future’ Screenwriter Bob Gale Ends Decades Old Fan Debate

As one of the most beloved movies of all time, ‘Back To The Future’ is still being discussed even to this day. While many often discuss the movie while ranking their all-time favorites, sometimes the conversation turns to the one major plot hole in the film. Luckily, screenwriter Bob Gale has...
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Website Offering Chance At Second Stimulus Check By Drawing A Nude Celebrity

With stimulus checks starting to go out around the country, many are already out of funds and looking for more. Luckily, adult content website, ‘Mr. Skin,’ is offering people the chance to win another $1,200. The website announced the #MrSkinChallenge this week, and is asking fans to draw their...
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‘Better Call Saul’ Creator, Vince Gilligan, Admits He Initially Didn’t Want To Include Popular Character

For Vince Gilligan, there aren’t many mistakes to admit to when it comes to his two beloved television series, ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul.’ Both the original show, and its follow up, are critically acclaimed, and have gained a large following. However, there’s one decision Gilligan almost...
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State Fair Of Texas Planning To Open In September

Even though employees are working from home because of the pandemic, the State Fair of Texas is still planning to open in September. Despite the uncertainties because of the ongoing pandemic, the State Fair says it's still planning to open September 25th.
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‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Creator Kurt Sutter Hints At Potential Sequel Series

It seems yet another classic show is getting the reboot treatment, and this time it will be ‘Sons of Anarchy’ fans getting excited. The show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, recently shared with fans that he wants to make a sequel to the beloved series. The sequel would revolve around Jax’s son, Abel, and...
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Post Malone To Pay Tribute To Nirvana This Weekend With Livestream Event

Like many others, Post Malone is a huge Nirvana fan, often sharing the influence they had on his music. His well-documented love for Kurt Cobain and company has led to cover song performances, and now Post Malone will be holding a livestream event in honor of the group. Malone announced the event...
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The Cast Of ‘Friends’ Has Joined The All In Challenge, Offering Tickets To Reunion

Fans of ‘Friends’ were already ecstatic when it was announced the show would be filming a reunion special later this year. While production was delayed due to the coronavirus, a silver lining may have come from the postponement. As part of the All In Challenge the cast of ‘Friends’ has announced an...
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Texas Doctor Has Been Self-Quarantining In Backyard Tree House

With people around the world stuck in quarantine, many have begun to tire of the surroundings they chose to remain isolated in. For some, even their dream home can get old while staying inside all day, but for one doctor in Texas, his quarantine space remains interesting.
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