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A Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Hides In Overhead Bin For Strange Reason

Southwest Airlines is the greatest airline, in my opinon. However, I would have been oddly suspicious off what was happening here. A passenger boarding her flight from Nashville to Atlanta started recording when she saw a flight attendant laying in the overhead compartment. Veronica Lloyd says the...
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The 1975 Have Deactivated All Of Their Social Media Accounts

This is the last post before they went dark this morning: pic.twitter.com/AtCCdYMDc7 — Dirty Hit (@DirtyHit) July 23, 2019 What does it mean? Well, the social clearing comes right after the 1975 posted a mysterious post that read "Wake up!" on top of other words in different languages, suggesting...
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Cow Cuddling Is Now Something We Can Do To Ease Stress

Mountain Horse Farm, a bed and breakfast in upstate New York, may be the only place in the nation to bear hug bovine. But it may be worth the trip? If you can't find someone here in North Texas to let you come in and cuddle with their cows, that is. Owner Suzanne Vullers told Good Morning America...
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Bishop Briggs Released A New Song And Video, And It Kicks Ass.

I am so proud of this woman. She's come so far. She's done so many amazing things. She's fierce. She's funny. She's smart. And now, she has a song and video to prove it. Her highly anticipated first single "Champion", from her next record was released this morning, along with the video. Directed by...
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The Internet Wins Again. Watch: Bizarre Heavy Metal Knitting Competition In Finland

Umm, what? So here's the thing.. there are over 50 heavy metal bands per 100,000 people in Finland, making it the highest ratio per capita in the world. They love their metal. They now have a Heavy Metal Knitting Championship. I guess thats like BBQ here in Texas. Every chance we get, we have a...
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Is It True? Green Day Has New Music Coming? (Billie Joe Armstrong Says Yes)

According to AltPress, and Kerrang! a new Green Day song is coming July 19th. And last December, we learned that new Green Day music MIGHT be coming this year. Even Billie Joe Armstrong said they would be releasing new stuff. But we didn't know when. Now we do? We're hoping? Is it true? During an...
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Watch: Nike Put What We Are All Thinking About the USWNT Into Words

We were all on the ede of our seats yesterday watching the US Womens National Soccer team game against the Netherlands. With both goals we held our breath. With each game they fought, and they fought hard. They are some of the hardest working atheletes we've ever seen. They're worth WAY more than...
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We Can't Stop Laughing At The Greasy Pole Contest

It's survival of the slipperiest.
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Cool! Check Out This Epic Whataburger Birthday Cake!

Ok, this might be the coolest birthday cake EVER!!! Whataburger on the outside, delicious cake on the inside. Happy Birthday to reddit user ucemike, who turned 50 over the weekend. As a part of his birthday surprise, he got a super realistic Whataburger cake. It looks like a #2 Whatasized! Of...
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Camera Captures The Exact Moment A Jogger Realizes He's Running Through A Proposal

Getting married is one of the biggest moments in anyone's life. The proposal is one that you want to document...video, pictures, you have to get it all. Gotta get that Instagram post!
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