Dad Goes Viral After Sharing Hilarious Review Of His 18-Month Old Daughter’s “Restaurant”

Parents are often treating their children’s minor acts as the world’s greatest accomplishments. While this makes sense as a way to boost the morale and confidence of a young toddler, one father wanted to make sure his daughter didn’t expect anything to come easy for her in the future.
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‘Star Wars’ Stormtroopers Used To Promote Social Distancing As Disney World Reopens

As businesses begin to reopen, many are looking for ways to keep their customers at a safe distance from each other. Disney World has come up with an interesting tactic to promote social distancing. The amusement park is using Stormtroopers from ‘Star Wars’ to remind attendees to remain at a safe...
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It Is Now Illegal In The UK To Have Sex With Someone From Another Household

Quarantine has been tough on people for many different reasons, but for single people living alone, the main frustration seems to be coming from a lack of sexual interactions. According to a recent survey done in the UK, six out of ten people asked claim they have not been having sex during...
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A Massive Spending Spree May Have Led To Forbes Removing Kylie Jenner’s Billionaire Status

The Kardashian/Jenner family recently celebrated yet another financial milestone, when earlier this year Forbes listed Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, as a billionaire. While West apparently spent years trying to get Forbes to recognize him as a billionaire, once they did they decided to...
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China Passes Law That Requires A Month Long “Cooling Off” Period Before Divorce

Just as many predicted, apparently quarantine has led to a high number of couples now seeking divorces. This has become an issue in China, as lawmakers passed a law this week requiring a month long “cooling off” period before a couple can get divorced.
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Amusement Parks In Japan To Ask Attendees Not To Scream On Roller Coasters

As businesses begin to reopen, many are figuring out what the new normal will be once customers return. For a group of amusement parks in Japan, that means asking attendees to try a new way of expressing joy while at their parks.
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Couple Jokingly Post Flyers For Orgy Around Their Neighborhood And Actually Got Responses

Quarantine boredom can be tough on anyone, but for one couple a joke they started in order to put smiles on their neighbor’s faces is starting to get out of hand. The Philadelphia couple jokingly posted flyers for an Avengers themed orgy around their neighborhood.
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Mike Tyson Surprises Fans By Returning To Professional Fighting As A Wrestler

Mike Tyson has been teasing fans recently about a potential comeback, and fans got a glimpse this week of what that could entail. The former heavyweight boxing champion has been sharing videos of himself working out, while teasing a potential fight in the future.
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‘John Wick’ Creator Reveals Movie Originally Had Different Title

The ‘John Wick’ movie franchise has become one of the most recognizable names in action films in recent years. Not only has the film created a resurgence for Keanu Reeves, but has quickly put out multiple sequels since the success of the original ‘John Wick’ in 2014.
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Study Shows AI Technology Can Determine Personality Traits Based On Selfies Better Than Humans

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but apparently humans aren’t the best at deciphering those words, even when it comes to selfies. A recent study done in Russia revealed artificial intelligence is able to infer one’s personality based on selfies better than humans. According to the...
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