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Matthew McConaughey

If Margaritas Looked Like Matthew McConaughey They’d Look Like This

Twitter profile Texas Humor imagines what Matthew McConaughey might look like if he were a margarita.
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Rob Gronkowski holds up a Lombardi Trophy

Watch Rob Gronkowski Leave A Dent In The Lombardi Trophy After Using It As A Baseball Bat

The Patriots were invited to throw out the ceremonial first pitch for the Boston Red Socks on opening day. We now have video of what the team was up to before the game.
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paint cans, open, jimmy kimmel, late night,

Please Enjoy These People Trying To Open A Can Of Paint, With No Avail

These silly kids, I tell ya. I love that there's a plunger on the table as an option to open a paint can. It's my favorite thing watching someone use it. I digress, just in case you DON'T know how to open a paint can, it is not with a can opener. You can use a butter knife, a flathead screwdriver,...
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Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar Took Alice In Chains On Tour So Younger Fans Would Think Van Halen Was Cool

Sammy Hagar recently did an interview with Jenny McCarthy and told her how he felt when grunge started to take over the radio waves.
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Boy Cutting His Hair

Jimmy Kimmel Interviews The Little Boy Who Buzzed His Little Brother & Sisters Hair

Jimmy Kimmel had a lot of questions for Teddy and why he shaved his younger siblings hair, his answers are hilarious.
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Cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

‘It’s Always Sunny’ Actor Made A Cameo In The Season 8 Premiere Of Game of Thrones

Find out which well-known actors made a cameo during the season eight premiere of Game of Thrones.
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Whataburger Drive Thru

Texas WWII Veteran Celebrated His 100th Birthday By Eating At Whataburger

A Whataburger in Malakoff, Texas Pulled out all the stops for C.J “Red” Wallace’s 100th birthday.
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Dogs at the park

Upscale Dog Park & Bar MUTTS Canine Cantina Plans To Open More Locations In DFW

The Dallas-based bar and dog park plan to expand its franchise across the entire DFW metroplex.
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smiling, drinking, customer service, psychology

Forcing A Smile At Work? It Could Make You Drink More.

YOU GUYS. This is kinda crazy. I always thought that "my pleasure" really was their pleasure! Now I wonder if some people in customer service are just faking it, and then go home to down a bottle of wine. Just another reason to get into radio... you can hide! (I'm kidding, if my boss reads this) So...
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Kit Harington

Cast Of Game Of Thrones Talk About Throwback Photo From 10 Years Ago

The photo is from 2009, the first time the cast got together before the show began.
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