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Texas Dad Surprises His Daughter By Driving Over 1,000 Miles To Bring Her Chick-Fil-A

Dads far too often go out of their way to embarrass their children, but more often than not, that effort is put in just to put a smile on their kid’s face. For one Texas dad, that meant driving over 1,000 miles to keep up with a birthday tradition he shares with his daughter.
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Band Teachers In Texas Spend Three Days Going To Students’ Homes To Play Fight Song One Last Time

The coronavirus has cancelled a number of big events, including one many young adults cherish for the rest of their lives; graduation. Luckily, many schools around the country have worked tirelessly to make sure their students got some form of celebration.
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Rare Blue Dragon Sea Creatures Spotted At Texas Beaches

Already dealing with fears of the coronavirus, and the Murder Hornet, it appears there is a new rarity of Texans to worry about. According to reports, Blue Dragons have been spotted on the Padre Island National Seashore. While these small creatures may seem harmless, their stings apparently pack...
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Texas Woman Arrested After Losing Her Temper In Whataburger Drive-Thru

Waiting in a drive-thru line while hungry can be extremely frustrating, but most manage to remain patient and wait the few minutes before the line moves and they get their food. However for some, when it comes to Whataburger, waiting just isn’t an option.
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Small Texas Company “Booming” During Coronavirus Selling Bunkers To The World’s Wealthiest

While many businesses struggle during the coronavirus, one small company in Texas has been thriving. The Rising S Company, which manufactures luxury bunkers, claims business has been “booming” thanks to the pandemic. With many fearing the worst possible outcomes from COVID-19, apparently more...
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Texas Strip Club Opens For Business Claiming To Be A Full Time Restaurant

As some Texas businesses begin to reopen, a strip club in Houston decided to open their doors to customers this weekend. As Governor Greg Abbott issued an order allowing certain businesses to reopen at a 25 percent capacity, Club Onyx decided to claim itself as a full service restaurant in order to...
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State Fair Of Texas Planning To Open In September

Even though employees are working from home because of the pandemic, the State Fair of Texas is still planning to open in September. Despite the uncertainties because of the ongoing pandemic, the State Fair says it's still planning to open September 25th.
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Texas Doctor Has Been Self-Quarantining In Backyard Tree House

With people around the world stuck in quarantine, many have begun to tire of the surroundings they chose to remain isolated in. For some, even their dream home can get old while staying inside all day, but for one doctor in Texas, his quarantine space remains interesting.
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Texas Theater Makes Parking Lot A Stage For Free Drive-In Show

The drive-in movie theater may be a thing of the past, but the drive-in theater for live performances may soon become an option for taking in a show. The Plaza Theatre in Cleburne, Texas has gone viral for their outdoor performance with guests watching from their cars.
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Texas Man Goes Viral For Putting On Hilarious At Home Fashion Show By Himself

Fashion shows are usually presenting clothing that while eccentric, probably could never be worn during everyday life. Luckily, one man in Texas is showing off his own casual looks with a solo fashion show from his home.
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