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The Internet Mocks Texas Man Who Complained About Restaurant Service During Pandemic

The internet has become the home of all angry customer complaints for restaurants, but one Texas man recently learned now is probably not the best time to complain about customer service. With many restaurant employees risking their health to continue working, many on social media attacked the man...
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Lawyer In Texas Admits To Egging Judge’s Car

When someone hires a lawyer, usually their hope is that their attorney has a good relationship with the judge. However, for one lawyer in Texas, building that relationship may be a bit difficult after he admitted to egging the judge’s car. According to reports, the attorney egged the car due to the...
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DFW’s Dulcet Cafe & Bakery Had A Massive Pay It Forward Chain With Dozens Of Customers Chipping In

With plenty of people struggling in these times, it’s always good to see people going above and beyond to give back. A great example of this happened recently in Dallas’ Trinity Groves neighborhood, when a customer paying it forward led to a chain of as many as 50 customers doing the same.
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Governor Greg Abbott Announces Guidelines For The Reopening Of Performing Arts Venues

As many businesses slowly get back to normal operations, people continue to wait for the reopening of entertainment venues. Luckily for Texas, Governor Greg Abbott announced plans to allow performing arts halls to reopen in Texas starting Wednesday. While there will be limits to keep attendees safe...
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Texas Principal Travels 800 Miles In 12 Days To Congratulate Each Graduating Senior

Everyone currently stuck in quarantine has something to complain about, but for seniors in high school it’s the graduation moment they were supposed to remember forever that the pandemic has robbed them of. That’s why one principal in Texas decided to go out of his way to do something special for...
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Texas Dad Surprises His Daughter By Driving Over 1,000 Miles To Bring Her Chick-Fil-A

Dads far too often go out of their way to embarrass their children, but more often than not, that effort is put in just to put a smile on their kid’s face. For one Texas dad, that meant driving over 1,000 miles to keep up with a birthday tradition he shares with his daughter.
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Band Teachers In Texas Spend Three Days Going To Students’ Homes To Play Fight Song One Last Time

The coronavirus has cancelled a number of big events, including one many young adults cherish for the rest of their lives; graduation. Luckily, many schools around the country have worked tirelessly to make sure their students got some form of celebration.
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Rare Blue Dragon Sea Creatures Spotted At Texas Beaches

Already dealing with fears of the coronavirus, and the Murder Hornet, it appears there is a new rarity of Texans to worry about. According to reports, Blue Dragons have been spotted on the Padre Island National Seashore. While these small creatures may seem harmless, their stings apparently pack...
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Texas Woman Arrested After Losing Her Temper In Whataburger Drive-Thru

Waiting in a drive-thru line while hungry can be extremely frustrating, but most manage to remain patient and wait the few minutes before the line moves and they get their food. However for some, when it comes to Whataburger, waiting just isn’t an option.
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Small Texas Company “Booming” During Coronavirus Selling Bunkers To The World’s Wealthiest

While many businesses struggle during the coronavirus, one small company in Texas has been thriving. The Rising S Company, which manufactures luxury bunkers, claims business has been “booming” thanks to the pandemic. With many fearing the worst possible outcomes from COVID-19, apparently more...
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