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People With Star Wars Toys

Hasbro Has Re-Released The Original 1970s Star Wars Action Figures

Hasbro has partnered with Target to re-release the original 1970s Star Wars action figures.
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The Rivalry Between Mark Zuckerberg And The Winklevoss Twins May Soon Be Over Thanks To Bitcoin

Mark Zuckerberg seems ready to get into the cryptocurrency game, but he may have to forgive his former rivals to do so. Representatives from Facebook recently met with the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, which was founded by the Winklevoss twins.
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[Video] Harrison Ford Says No One Should Play Indiana Jones After Him

With all the reboots and remakes being created in Hollywood, it is only a matter of time before the world gets a new Indiana Jones. However, if Harrison Ford gets it his way, the character will die when he does.
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Yungblud performs at the 8th Annual Music Supervisors Awards

Yungblud Has Added Two New Stories To His Hotline And Posted Lyrics On Social Media

Yesterday, we heard part one of Yungblud's eerie voicemails . It talked about his father threatening to kill him for kissing a boy. “I want to tell you a story. One day, my daddy put a gun to my head because he saw me kissing a boy. ‘If I ever catch you again, I’m gonna spread your little brains...
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Taylor Schilling at an event

Watch The Cast Of Orange Is The New Black Sing The Theme Song In This Montage

I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with Orange is the New Black . With the final season kicking off next month, the cast is starting to get sentimental. In this video, they are shown behind-the-scenes singing the show's theme song. Who knew Laura Prepon had such a great voice? Video of Orange...
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Chris Rock at NAACP Awards

Chris Rock Set To Remake Saw Movie

One of my all-time favorite horror movie franchises is Saw . It's a tradition for my sister, Krysta, and I to go see the latest installment every year at Halloween. Next year will be no different... ...except for the fact that it will have Chris Rock's spin on the storyline . I can't wait. He's not...
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Dark Phoenix Poster

Happy X-Men Day! (The Holiday You Didn't Know You Needed In Your Life)

Happy X-Men Day! Oh, you didn't know that was a thing? We didn't either until 20th Century Fox announced they were releasing new content for X-Men fans around the world. It includes new artwork, interviews with past and present characters, and a link to purchase advance tickets . It's Dark Phoenix...
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Pile of maggots

Would You Eat Maggot Ice Cream? Because It's Now A Thing

As bad as chicken nugget ice cream sounds, insect ice cream might be worse. South Africa's Gourmet Grubb has created frozen treats made from bugs. They claim it's good for the environment. Food scientists have found the larvae of the black soldier fly can be blended with ingredients cocoa and honey...
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‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Director Promises Changes After Trailer Criticized

When the trailer for the upcoming “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie was released earlier this week, many expected it to become an instant hit. Instead it was met with widespread criticism, with many complaining about Sonic’s CGI look.
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Avengers Endgame Cast Get Stars on Walk of Fame

Domino's Employee Assaults Co-Worker For Spoiling Avengers: EndGame

I've been very careful not to spoil Avengers: EndGame for anyone, but there's always that one guy. The one who thinks it's funny to spill the beans on all the twists, turns, and end of a movie. Well, Justin Surface wasn't having it. During his Sunday shift at Domino's Pizza in Friendswood, TX,...
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