Pride Parade

2019's Dallas Pride Parade Will Be Held At Fair Park

I go to Pride every year. It's an absolute blast watching the parade floats, slamming Jello shots, and petting rainbow-colored dogs. This year, Dallas Pride organizers have re-located the festivites from Cedar Springs to Fair Park. The itinerary will remain the same with an outdoor music bash on...
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Beautiful sunset on lake horizon

Here's A List Of Which DFW Lakes Are Open This Memorial Day Weekend

If you're headed to a local lake for Memorial Day weekend, check this list before you go . Many of them are closed due to water levels. CLOSED Lake Worth Benbrook Lake OPEN Lake Arlington Eagle Mountain Lake marina Joe Pool Lake and its parks are about 60% open, but boat ramps remain closed. Lake...
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mt everest, bucket list, line, crowd, people,

The Line Of People On Top Of Mt. Everest Will Make You Cringe

Mt. Everest is a bucket list destination for a lot of people. It's the highest mountain in the world at just over 29,000 feet. Let's put that into perspective; a plane, normally flies at 32,000 feet. So thats's 3,000 feet below. I've dreamt of climbing this mountain, even after all the movies, and...
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Yungblud and Halsey pose with Minnie Mouse

Listen To Yungblud's Brand New Song "Parents"

Yungblud's been dropping hints that new music would come out today , and he definitely delivered! After much speculation (and even a sly "like" from the artist himself) the 21-year-old rocker posted his latest song "Parents" a few hours ago. -- — YUNGBLUD (@yungblud) May 22, 2019 Give it a listen,...
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star wars, annie leibovist, photography, the rise of skywalker,

Annie Leibovitz Reveals Vanity Fair Star Wars Photos... And They're Absolutely Stunning

Annie Leibovitz is the queen. She will forever be the queen. She could take pictures of a wall and I would think it was the greatest photograph on the planet. But in all seriousness, these are absolutely stunning. For #TheRiseofSkywalker , Billie Lourd asked to share scenes with her late mother,...
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halsey, nightmare, new music, video, sexy, bloody

We're Obsessed With Halsey's New Bloody, Sweaty, And Sexy Video.

It's NSFW, but we've watched this video over and over and over and.. you get it. She is a FORCE, she's beautiful, she's strong, she's insanely talented, she's everything. Enjoy the new video from Halsey... Video of Halsey - Nightmare
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Nirvana Members, Courtney Love To Appear In Court For Nirvana L.L.C Vs. Marc Jacobs Lawsuit

Members of Nirvana, along with Courtney Love, and her daughter with Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain, will soon be reuniting, but not for the reason you may think. The group has been called to court as witnesses in the Marc Jacobs vs Nirvana, L.L.C case.
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Florida Woman’s Burger King Bathroom Debacle Ends In Arrest

The state of Florida has made news headlines once again. This time it’s due to a woman being arrested in a Burger King. Restaurant employees called the cops after the woman snarled at them, only for police to find seven syringes hidden inside the woman’s private parts.
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whaes, whale watching, backflips, california

Dolphins Doing Backflips At Full Speed While Swimming Is Something You Have To See

I'm sad today. It's been a rough couple of days. BUT, in internet fashion, I found something to completely turn my day around. In Monterey Bay, California, some whale watchers caught a video of dolphins doing back flips while swimming at full speed. Which, in dolphin-on-video-land is quite rare...
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Foo Fighters’ Record Engineer Reveals ‘My Hero’ Was About Kurt Cobain

Dave Grohl has had a career any musician would be envious of. After starting as the drummer of Nirvana, Grohl then went on to start his own band, Foo Fighters, after Kurt Cobain’s death.
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