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Heart Shaped Pizza

Picture Goes Viral of Couples Pregnancy Announcement With A Pizza

The pizza shop had a special request put in and did not let their costumer down.
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Troy Aikman and  Roger Staubach

Troy Aikman Is Not Liking The New Electric Scooters In Downtown

The former Dallas Cowboy took to Twitter to share how he feels about the new electric scooter program.
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Maine Coon

Internet Can’t Figure Out Why This Cat Looks Human

A breeder posted a video on social media of their cat, and the internet is freaking out.
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Fudge Bar

Blue Bell Is Bringing Back A Fan Favorite This Week

In Honor of Nation Ice-Cream Month Blue Bell is bringing back The Fudge Bar
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Miki Sudo, Michelle Lesco and Juliet Lee

Miki Sudo Wins The Women’s The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

On July 4th, we like to eat hotdogs and hamburgers to celebrate America, we also like to see others scarf down as many hot dogs as they can on national TV.
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Joey Chestnut

Joey Chestnut Is The Reigning Champion Of The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition

Joey Chestnut has now won the for 11th time
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Newlyweds Eating

There's A Page Dedicated To Couples Eating Whataburger After They Get Married

That after party for your wedding is probably going to happen at the Whataburger down the street from your hotel.
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Seth Rogen

A Russian Woman Took A Cardboard Cutout of Seth Rogen On Vacation

Seth Rogen noticed pictures of himself as a cutout in different parts of the world on social media.
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New Born babies

Fort Worth Hospital Delivers 48 babies in 41 Hours

A hospital in Fort Worth was super busy when 48 babies were born in 2 days.
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Police Arrest

Woman Falls Through The Ceiling While Attempting To Run From Police With Her Boyfriend

A couple in Alberta, Canada tried to run from the police and failed spectacularly.
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