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Kraft Mac And Cheese To Be Rebranded For Breakfast

Macaroni and cheese is a beloved dish for many, as even when it’s done up with fancy cheeses, pasta’s and add-ins, it’s hard to beat the taste of the simple childhood classic. Now, Kraft is hoping to bring the love of mac and cheese to a different part of the day; breakfast.
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Dunkin’ Released Two New Caffeinated Cereals That Are Coffee Flavored

For many people, their morning can’t get started until they’ve had their first cup of coffee. That means skipping breakfast completely for many coffee drinkers, as they use the caffeine burst to energize their morning efforts. Now, Dunkin’ has come up with a way to combine the need for breakfast...
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Data Reveals Deodorant Sales Are Dropping, And Ice Cream Sales Are On The Rise

Quarantine has been tough on everyone, for a number of reasons, but as it continues people are beginning to change their daily habits in some not so appealing ways. With many still remaining at home, and not interacting with people, hygiene has apparently taken a major hit.
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The Long Awaited Collaboration Between KFC And Crocs Is Finally Here

Back in February, the world was first introduced to the collaboration between Crocs and KFC. The line of fried chicken footwear quickly went viral, as many were hoping to get their feet in a pair of KFC Crocs. Now, those shoes are ready to make their official debut, as they will go on sale for the...
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Hershey Is Releasing Their Pumpkin Pie Flavored Kit Kat Bar Early This Year

With many summer activities and events cancelled due to the coronavirus, many are already getting ready for next season. Now, a fall favorite will seemingly hit stores way sooner than anyone expected. Kit-Kat announced recently that their Pumpkin flavored Kit-Kat will be hitting stores in July.
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New Survey Reveals 14% Of Men Are Turned On By Their Amazon Echo

For many people, relationships with others can be extremely difficult to navigate. While most continue in the search for their perfect match, some give up on dating completely, and turn to other sources of companionship.
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People Are Buying Cassette Tapes Again As Sales Have Doubled In 2020

Vinyl records have seen a resurgence in recent years as music purists often discuss the benefits of the outdated technology. Now, it appears another former music listening device is making a comeback. According to new reports, people are now buying cassette tapes once again.
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Pizza Hut Now Offering Pizza That Smells Like Beer And Is Topped With Fried Chicken Skins

Many often see America as the land of crazy food combinations. However, the latest offering from Pizza Hut in the Philippines is giving state fairs around the United States a run for their money. Pizza Hut Philippines debut a new pizza recently that smells like beer, and is topped with fried...
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Bored Jeweler Decides To Close Shop, Bury Inventory And Sell Treasure Maps

With plenty of people still on lockdown, many are looking for new hobbies to help pass the time. Luckily, a jeweler in Michigan that was looking for a way to spark business just came up with a way to give people a chance to relive a childhood dream.
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Bud Light Unveils New Strawberry Lemonade Beer For Summer

Most beer lovers don’t mess around when it comes to the flavor of their favorite beverage. However, for those that aren’t the biggest fan of beer, or are willing to try a new flavor of the drink, Bud Light has a new product they may be interested in. The beer company recently unveiled a new...
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