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Newly Discovered Footprints Thought To Be Oldest In North American History

Researchers in Canada may have discovered the biggest link to humans first coming to the Americas over 13,000 years ago.
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Will Smith

Will Smith Goes On A Date With Sophia The Robot; Gets Friendzoned (Video)

Given Smith's previous history with robots, were not surprised to Sophia a little hesitant to reciprocate the kiss!
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Bicycle, Bike, Bike Rack, Parking,

Thief Steals Entire Bike Rack Full Of Bikes From Garage (Video)

Police in Douglas Country, Nebraska are on lookout for a pretty daring thief.
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Chris Evans

Chris Evans Is Getting Trolled For His Mustache, Nicknamed Captain 'Murica

Notice anything different about Captain America's face lately? "Cap" aka Chris Evans recently ditched a face full of scruff for a mustache. And it's not for a new movie. In fact, the mustache is part of his character in the Broadway production of Kenneth Lonergan’s "Lobby Hero."
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Police Sirens

Woman Attempting To Collect On Award Payouts Implicates Herself In Robberies

On the latest episode of criminals making bad decisions, we bring you the case of a Garland woman who was arrested Wednesday.
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Groupon Apologizes After Racial Slur Was Used to Market Their Products

Groupon has issued an apology after the N-word was used to market winter boots that wear listed on the company's website.
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WWE Power Couple The Miz and Maryse Welcome Baby Girl

The couple welcome their first child Monroe Sky Mizanin.
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Police, Officer, Cop

Man Goes To Police For Advice On How To Break Up With Girlfriend

<p>A man in Germany had no idea had to break up with his girlfriend. &nbsp;</p>
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John Krasinski, Man, Smile

John Krasinksi Is "Totally Down" For Reviving "The Office" For A Christmas Special

We've heard rumors the last couple of years about a potential revival of NBC's incredible series The Office .
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Belly, Weight, Man, Stomach

Man Panicked After Discovering Beer Belly Is Actually 30 Pound Tumor

Kevin Daly could never seem to get rid of his stubborn belly fat.
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