Carrolton Teen Wins Girls’ Doubles Tennis Championship At Wimbledon

While big names dominated the finals at Wimbledon, a sixteen-year-old Carrolton native was trying to make a name for herself during the Junior Grand Slam. Savannah Broadus of Carrolton, Texas took home the girls’ junior doubles title. Broadus, along with her partner won with a 3-set victory.
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USWNT, soccer, women, strength, heroes, work hard, hard work. world cup, i believe

Watch: Nike Put What We Are All Thinking About the USWNT Into Words

We were all on the ede of our seats yesterday watching the US Womens National Soccer team game against the Netherlands. With both goals we held our breath. With each game they fought, and they fought hard. They are some of the hardest working atheletes we've ever seen. They're worth WAY more than...
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[Video] MLB Player Goes To Starbucks In Full Uniform

For some, starting their day without coffee is impossible. Count MLB star Javier Baez as one of those people. The shortstop for the Chicago Cubs went to Starbucks before their game on Friday, but thanks to a time crunch, Baez went to the coffee shop in full uniform.
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Little League World Series Championship Game

Video Goes Viral Of Parents Starting A Huge Brawl At A Youth Baseball Game

Parents at a little league baseball game started a huge brawl after they didn’t agree on a call by the 13-year-old umpire.
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[Video] OJ Simpson Joins Twitter And Immediately Posts Regrettable Message

The internet is full of people saying things they definitely shouldn’t have. This is yet another example of that, only it comes from a high profile name that should probably keep his mouth shut.
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John Cena points his finger

John Cena Confesses To Being Unintentionally Aroused During His WWE Days

Andy Cohen is known for having a wheels-off show, and you never know what people will say. So, when he had actor John Cena on his show Watch What Happens Live on Monday night, this viewer's question was just par for the course. Andy poses a question from "Peter M." and he asks, "John, have you ever...
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Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox To Celebrate The 40th Anniversary Of “Disco Demolition Night”

The first 10,000 attendees will receive a free t-shirt at Thursday nights game.
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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Challenged Tom Cruise To A UFC Fight Via Twitter

On Sunday night Justin Bieber sent out a tweet, challenging actor Tom Cruise to an MMA fight.
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Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics, Green Uniform, 2012

Paul Pierce May Have Just Admitted To Pooping His Pants While Playing In The 2008 NBA Finals

It’s one of the most famous moments in NBA history.
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Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin Responds To Drakes Kevin McCallister Hoodie

The Home Alone star tweeted Drake during game two of NBA Finals.
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