New Amazon Halo Includes Feature That Will Tell You How Others Are Perceiving Your Tone

As technology continues to improve, the abilities of new products continue to amaze consumers. However, sometimes these advancements can be a bit intrusive and over the top. Amazon is no stranger to selling products that make users question the intelligence of their gadget, and now they are selling...
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Plastic Surgery On The Rise Due To Increase Use Of Video Conferencing Apps

Ever since people started working from home, video conferencing apps such as Zoom have become a part of everyday life. While this has helped with work productivity and communication, for many it has negatively affected their own self-image.
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Netflix Testing “Shuffle Play” Mode That Makes Selection For The Viewer

With a seemingly endless supply of streaming services available today, it’s harder than ever to complain about not finding anything to watch. Still, making a choice while scrolling through the selection menu is a struggle for many, regardless of which platform they’re using. Now, Netflix is trying...
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Study Claims Smartphones Can Tell When Users Are Drunk

Smartphones have made life easier for people, but the one dream app that is still yet to be developed is one that prevents people from sending drunken texts. While the technology for that hasn’t been developed, smartphones may soon be able to tell users when they’ve had too much to drink.
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Recent Tech Patents Reveal Apple Has Plans To Make Clothes And Rugs That Connect To The Internet

People often wonder how tech companies keep coming up with ideas that change how people live their lives. However, for every game changing idea, there are plenty of thoughts that never quite make it to the marketplace. A recent look at some of the patents big tech companies own shows where they...
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Tabby, A New Dating App For Cat Lovers, Launched Over The Weekend

When it comes to dating, dog or cat preference is surprisingly an important aspect in compatibility. While dog people have always had an advantage, meeting fellow dog people while taking their canine companion out for walks, cat lovers have always had a more difficult time finding each other.
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'Doomscrolling' Could Be Hurting Your Mental Health

Have you ever been mindlessly scrolling through your social media feed, and then realize you’re stressed about news stories you can’t even control? It’s called ‘doomscrolling’ and apparently it’s becoming an issue for many people.
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Tesla Employee Engineers New Chocolate Chip That Maximizes Taste

A Silicon Valley engineer recently decided to take on something no one thought needed improvement — chocolate chips — and somehow made them better.
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Tom Cruise And Elon Musk Move Forward With Movie That Will Be Shot In Space

Back in May, it was announced that Tom Cruise and Elon Musk were working on a movie that would be shot in space. While many assumed this project wouldn’t happen for a number of years, if ever, it seems the project is moving forward, with NASA and SpaceX on board. Now, more details about the film...
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Survey Reveals 1 Out Of 6 People Video Conference From The Bathroom

People often admit to using their phone while on the toilet, but apparently a lot more work is getting done from the bathroom than previous expected. With more people using video conferencing apps, some have decided to bring their work to the toilet as well. According to a new survey, one out of...
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