Burger King In Taiwan Reveals Chocolate Covered Whopper That Quickly Goes Viral

While America may be known for crazy menu concoctions, when it comes to fast food; it seems foreign countries always have the more ridiculous food items for sale. Now, the latest one to go viral has many online intrigued, but not everyone is willing to give it a try.
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After Multiple Sacha Baron Cohen Sightings ‘Borat 2’ Has Been Confirmed

Since becoming known to the world thanks to the hit 2006 film, ‘Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,’ Sacha Baron Cohen has had a difficult time impersonating characters in order to perform stunts.
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Research Reveals Rubbing A Bug Bite Is More Effective For Relief Than Scratching

Summer may be in its final stretch, but the insects are seemingly still in full force, getting in a few more bites before the season ends. Avoiding bug bites is one of summer’s greatest struggles, yet every year it’s inevitable they will return to irritate skin. Now, a new study claims that people...
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Mountain Dew To Release New Gingerbread Flavored Soda For Winter

The fall season is right around the corner, and while many businesses are gearing up all their latest seasonal items, one company seems to already be looking towards winter. The PepsiCo brand reportedly has plans to release a gingerbread flavored Mountain Dew. While it appears the new flavor won’t...
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Man Causes In Home Explosion While Chasing A Fly With An Electric Fly Swatter

There may be nothing more annoying than sitting down for a meal, only to be interrupted by a fly constantly swarming the plate of food. For one man in France, he decided to take matters into his own hands, going after the fly with an electric fly swatter.
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Airline Goes Viral With Pop Up Restaurant Serving Airplane Food With Airplane Seating

When it comes to air travel, the food on most airlines is usually one of the top complaints. However, with many travel plans cancelled this summer, it appears people are starting to crave any reminder of travel, even airplane cuisine.
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Taco Bell Fans Upset As Chain Announces Plans To Remove Fan Favorites From Menu

Taco Bell is making some changes, and fans don’t seem too happy about it. The fast food chain has decided to update their menu in order to create “a faster and more seamless restaurant experience,” but that means saying goodbye to some fan favorites. It was announced recently that the Mexican pizza...
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Whiskey Themed Hotel In Los Angeles Reveals Plans For Whiskey Fountain In Lobby

Often times at hotels, guests are forced to rely on the mini bar in their room in order to get a convenient alcoholic beverage. However, at a new hotel being built in Los Angeles guests will have a hard time avoiding a drunken good time, esp3ecially with the whiskey fountain right in the lobby.
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Former Private Investigator Now Works As A “Coffin Confessor” Fulfilling People’s Odd Funeral Requests

There are many people in the world working what some might deem as odd job, but someone has to do the dirty work. While most of these jobs seem a lot harder to stomach than others, some just make people wonder how anyone could make a career out of that particular activity.
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Reese’s Announces New Breakfast Snack Cakes Set For December Debut

When Reese’s first introduced Reese’s Puff cereal, many wondered who would want the chocolate and peanut butter combination firs thing in the morning. Now, after years of success with breakfast, the candy company is launching a new morning snack. Hershey recently announced a new Reese’s snack cake...
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