Woman Goes Viral For Recreating Famous Movie Sets For Her Pet Hamster

With plenty of people still stuck at home, many are looking for new hobbies to pass the time. While some hobbies are weirder than others, every activity seemingly has multiple people to share in that interest. However, one woman may have a little trouble finding people with the same interest as her...
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Ringo Starr Claims Beatles Turned Down Reunion Because Opening Act Was A Man Wrestling A Shark

When bands plan a tour, they usually look for an opening act that sets the audience up for their show. While most bands are able to find an act that matches their style, sometimes tours go on with some truly odd pairings.
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Man Calls Out Neighbor’s “Pettiness” For Only Mowing Portion of Shared Lawn

It seems in just about every community, there is battle between neighbors taking place. No matter how perfect a home is, it can all be ruined by unruly people next door. One man in England recently started a war with his neighbor over mowing their shared lawn, and the tweets showing off his...
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Airport Now Offering Trips To Nowhere To Give Travelers The Illusion Of Vacation

For most travelers, flying to a destination is the worst part of a vacation. Airports, and air travel can be extremely stressful at times, but with many stuck at home for the last few months, some apparently are even starting to miss things like TSA checkpoints. Now, an airport in Taiwan in...
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New Research Shows Dog Years Don’t Actually Equal Seven Human Years

People with dogs want to know everything about their pet, but some things aren’t that simple. Figuring out a dogs age has always been as easy as multiplying the dog’s age in actual years by seven, but now; new research has shown that a dog’s aging process may be way more complicated.
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Food Critic Claims He Spent $20,000 On Takeout While High On Medical Marijuana During Pandemic

For most stoners, there ideas never actually come to fruition, but for one man, he thought of an idea around the one thing no marijuana user can resist; food. The only issue is; his passion for food and marijuana has led to quite the hefty price tag, especially over the last few months.
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CVS Is Now Selling Stryx, A Line Of Makeup Geared Towards Men

For most men, shopping for female products can be a bit embarrassing, especially if they are buying it for themselves. However, one cosmetic brand is hoping more men face their fears and try something they never have before; makeup.
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Guinness Is Using Their Kegs Of Leftover Beer To Fertilize Christmas Trees

As plenty of businesses have been affected by quarantine, many have begun to look for ways to unload their overstocked supply of product. For the Guinness brewery in Ireland, that meant coming up with a way to use up all their leftover kegs from bars closing around the world.
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New Study Shows People’s Pets Have Been Gaining Weight During Lockdown

Staying in shape over the last few months has been tough for many as they’ve remained stuck in their homes. Apparently, it has been equally as hard for those people’s pets. While quarantine was great for pets at the beginning, with the extra time spent with their humans, now it appears many have...
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Survey Reveals Most Americans Like Their Steak Cooked Well Done

For many Americans, beef is a very serious topic of discussion. There are different methods to cooking a steak, with different preferred styles and cuts as well. However, while most steak aficionados would suggest eating steak at a medium or medium rare temperature, a new study has revealed most...
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