Woman Called “Genius” For Her Trick To Avoid Paying Baggage Fee At Airport

Packing for a flight can be extremely stressful, especially when trying to avoid paying the excess bag fees. People are always looking for tips and tricks to packing in order to get luggage under the required weight limit.
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Here’s The First Look At Actress Felicity Huffman In Her Prison Uniform

Felicity Huffman’s prison stay may be short, but the public already got its first look at the ‘Desperate Housewives’ star behind bars. Video and photos of the actress in a green prison uniform were released over the weekend.
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Man Catches Alligator By Playing With It In Pool

There are a number of ways to catch an alligator. Apparently one of those ways is to play with it until it gets tired. While most wouldn’t attempt this method, celebrity trapper Paul Bedard recently shared his experience playing with a wild gator in a pool in order to remove it.
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CBS TV Studios Is Working On A ‘Clueless’ Reboot With A Dark Twist

Yet another classic film is getting the Hollywood reboot treatment. After months of rumors, it was announced this week that CBS TV is working on a ‘Clueless’ reboot, but with a twist.
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Prince Estate Releases Never Before Heard Original Demo Of ‘I Feel For You’

It has been three years since Prince passed away, but thanks to years of recording, the world is still getting a taste of new Prince music. Now, in honor of the 40th anniversary of Prince’s self-titled second album, The Prince Estate and Warner Bros. has teamed up to release a never before heard...
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Sam Adams' New Beer Has So Much Alcohol It’s Illegal In 15 States

Sam Adams is trying to raise the bar with their newest beer, but 15 states say they’ve gone too far. The beer company is bringing back their Utopias beer for Halloween, but this version will have an ABV of 28 percent.
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Here Are Some Of The Best Celebrity Stories From Elton John’s New Memoir, ‘Me’

Elton John has made plenty of headlines recently thanks to his new memoir , ‘Me.’ Not only is the book filled with incredible stories about his own life, but some celebrity encounters most would find hard to believe.
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David Schwimmer Welcomes Jennifer Aniston To Instagram With Rare Post

Jennifer Aniston momentarily broke Instagram this week when she attempted to join the social media platform. The large number of fans trying to follow her at once caused Aniston’s account to become unavailable shortly after creating the page.
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Toto To Call It Quits After Their 40th Anniversary Tour Ends

It seems it will be solely up to Weezer to bless the rains down in Africa from now on. After 40 years, Toto will call it quits after their show at The Met Philadelphia on Sunday.
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Study Shows Spending Time With Your Mother Will Lead To Her Living Longer

Spending time with family may not be the most enjoyable experience, but it could be beneficial for everyone, especially mothers. While no one wants to hear about everything they are doing wrong, and what they should be doing instead, a new study shows spending time with your mom may lead to her...
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