Man Attends City Council Meeting In Order To Plead Case To Rename “Boneless Chicken Wings”

When ordering chicken wings, customers are often asked if they would prefer traditional or boneless wings. While some prefer to eat the chicken without dealing with the bone, true chicken wing enthusiasts will argue these are not actually chicken wings.
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Neighbor Goes Viral After Leaving A Message On Person’s Car Exposing Cheating Boyfriend

No one wants to find out their significant other is cheating on them, especially from the person they are cheating with. Still, one person recently had to find out the hard way, after their neighbor left a note on their car exposing the cheating boyfriend. Luckily someone decided to share a photo...
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Dairy Queen Unveils New Blizzard Inspired Candle Collection

Once fall begins, people often turn to candles to make sure they are constantly surrounded by the scent of the season. Last year, Dairy Queen surprised fans when they released a collection of fall scented candles inspired by their Blizzard flavors. Now, the popular candles are back, this time with...
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Teen Goes Viral After Sharing his “Dream” Tattoo That Was Accidentally Drawn on Backwards

They may not want to admit it, but most people with multiple tattoos have at least one they regret. While some spend years thinking of the perfect tattoo, in the end it all depends on the artist, and if they are able to bring that image to life. For one teen in Virginia, he was left wishing he had...
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Man Currently Trying To Break World Record By Watching ‘Tenet’ 120 Times In A Row

Records are meant to be broken; some just take a little more effort than others. While most Guinness World Records are impressive feats, there are plenty of achievements that seem too easy not to attempt. In Canada, a man is currently attempting to break a little effort record, it just may take...
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Woman Has Four Foot Snake Removed From Her Throat

The internet is full of shocking videos, and while it may seem like by now most have seen it all, the viral videos somehow keep getting more and more stunning. The latest example of this comes from a recent viral video that shows a snake being removed from a woman’s throat. As seen in the video,...
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Coors Light To Send People To The Locations Used As Their Zoom Background

When people first started working from home, Zoom backgrounds quickly became the way to add personality and spice things up. While some kept it professional, and others went for laughs, plenty of people chose the scenic backgrounds of their dream vacation. Now, Coors Light has announced plans to...
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‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Cast To Reunite On HBO Max

Yet another classic television series form the 90’s is set to have a reunion special thanks to HBO Max. It was announced recently that the cast of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ will reunite for a special in honor of the 30th anniversary of the show’s debut. The special will include music, dancing...
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Nicolas Cage To Star In New Amazon Series As A Vodka-Loving Dragon

Nicolas Cage has portrayed many roles with strange descriptions throughout his career. Some are more successful than others, but the actor has become known for these odd films. However, his latest role may be the strangest of them all, as Cage is set to voice the character of a vodka-loving dragon...
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Real Estate Listing Goes Viral For Strange And Dangerous Placement Of Bed

When living in a small space, every square inch of available area in a room counts. As tiny houses and reduced lifestyles become more popular, many have shown off the creative ways they’ve made room in small areas. However, for one studio apartment in the UK; they probably should have thought of a...
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